Chapter Ten

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Tasha's Pov
"Hisoka we need to make this as quick as we can. The baby is pressing so hard on my bladder that it's gonna explode." I pressed my palm to cradle at my lower back, nothing was soothing that rippling pain across my lower spine at all, watching as he briefly glanced at me from the corner of his eye messing with his phone roughly tapping at the screen a couple times with his pointed finger nails, a slight side smile growing on his features as he looked away for a moment to focus on the bustling crowd as much as he could skimming his eyes back and forth studying the people who briskly walked back and forth.

"Now now dear do relax, I know you are hormonal and growing very large everywhere. But you did say you wanted to pick Illumi up today remember?" All though I was focused on rubbing my back focus with quiet little grumbles leaving me. I forget one key thing about being slightly chubby and adding the new found weight of a baby growing instead of you. You were so bound to grow even more pounds than ever.

I was grumpy, with Hisoka always coming around it was only natural that he brought me to come pick Illumi up after the months and months of non stop missions the rest of his family, it was only fitting that I greeted him knowing he was gonna wanna rest for a few days.

"I know I apologize for bitching to you Hisoka." I felt him squeeze at my shoulder a couple times with a chuckle resting his head on my shoulder with ease, crossing his leg over the other.

"Apology accepted dear, only because I enjoy your cooking so much." I grinned casually, resting my head back playing with his hair almost in a daze as the both of us waited... And waited... And as well waited for what felt like forever  seemed to go by just like, both of us half sleep on this bench.

Hisoka had switched positions half in a hour with his arms folded almost dozed off when I quickly shook him a few times causing his tall form to shoot up looking at me confused grumbling himself in more than confusion.

"Illumi." I squealed more to myself shooting up so quickly, I don't think I had ever seen Hisoka's eyes grow as wide as they did as I rushed over to the long haired male.

"I've never seen that women get up that fast before ever without rolling..." I was quick to wrap my arms around his body a soft like squeak leaving the sleepy male who instantly wrapped his arms to secure around my body in a instant feeling his head resting on the crook of my neck with ease.

"Hello there my love this is quite the surprise I thought only Hisoka was picking me up to drop me off." I felt his nose rubbing in place over my neck causing me to snicker gently at the ticklish sensation that took over me so quickly, my hand moving to thread through his pretty long locks.

"I thought I would surprise you as well since its been a few months, you are so exhausted Illumi I can sense it." He hummed a few times in response his own palms gliding all over my back.

"I am quite exhausted but I can feel your bump you've grown so much in so much short time it seems." We parted from the hug seeing a soft smile grew across his face his soft hands shooting to cradle the bump almost like in awe gliding his palms a gentle coo leaving him. "Well hello there little one." He muttered glancing up to turn his attention to Hisoka who was yawning when he joined us shortly stretching his arms out.

"I take it Hisoka has been helping you?" I once again nodded with a deep smile on my face lightly punching at Hisoka's shoulder who flashed me a soft grin in return.

"He's come by to visit quite a lot when Killua isn't around going off on some adventures with Gon. Hisoka actually can cook did you know that." I exclaimed through some laughter.

"All she does is whine I'm so glad you are back." I rolled my eyes in amusement at his whining seeing Illumi looking between us both, almost like he was in disbelief at what he was seeing.

"You two actually get along? Like he stays the night and helps?" I once again nodded with a beaming grin.

"Mhm! They helped set up the baby room a bit." Once again Hisoka was nodding gesturing with his palms a bit as he talked gently to Illumi who was listening with interest laying his head on my shoulder sliding his arms to rest around my waist muttering more quietly under his breath as he spoke.

"I appreciate you helping her out when she needed it. I mean that." Hisoka board his head slightly lifting it back up shutting his eyes briefly.

"My pleasure, now let's get you both home so I can go think about death." I held back the hardest snort that was gonna leave me, kissing the top of Illumi's head.

"Let's get you home baby." All he could manage was a silent head nod, hugging me as tightly as he could.

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