Chapter 15: Wager

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Lila was in her room screaming as she threw and smashed everything on site. She was furious, this year was supposed to be the year she finally gets rid of Marinette bust instead she has to deal with her stupid but hot cousin and boyfriend. Lila ran her hand though her hair and sighed in frustration. It wasn't fair that Marinette gets all the hot guys when she deserved it more. She had to go through hell to make Adrien, Alya and the rest of those losers to follow were so blindly.

Lila opened her closet and looking at every piece of clothing article she owned. She then pushed all her clothes aside and took out a black box and smirked, she thought, 'I was gonna save this for a special occasion, but desperate times call for desperate measures.'

The next day...

Lila arrived at school in her new outfit, she wore a black tight mini skirt that barely passed her butt, a bright red spaghetti strap tank top, black almost see-through stockings, and red platform heels, she kept her sausage style hair, she decided to wear light makeup seeing as that Marinette normally wears her makeup as light almost to nothing.

As she strutted passed Marinette and her friends, she heard Sakura say, "Wow, aren't you supposed to be a model? I've seen amateur models walk better than that."

Lila's head whipped lashed towards her and she sneered, "What was that?"

Sakura rolled her eyes and said, "You heard me."

Lila scoffed and said, "Please I'm a better model than you through and through."

Sakura smirked as she crossed her arms, "Oh really?"

Lila smirked back and said, "Really."

Sakura then gave a light chuckle and said as she looked around, "Why don't we have a little competition, since you claim to be the greater model, you won't mind if the audience pick the winner would you?"

Lila taken back, she bit her lip debating what to do, she knew what Sakura was capable of she'd seen her runway shows if she went head on, she would be humiliated but if she didn't people would call her out saying that was a coward, either way it's a lose-lose situation for her.

Lila then put-up best smile and said, "Do we really have to do this, I mean we are in school after all."

Sakura then flipped her hair back and said, "Of course you're right."

Lila sighed until she heard her say, "We'll do it at next month's fashion week, Marinette will be debuting her clothing line there, I'll modeling for Marinette's brand along with Juleka and Sasuke, since you're Gabriel's model you'll be there, right? And to make this a bit interesting why don't we add a little wager hm?"

"Like what?"

Sakura circled the girl and said, "If I win then you have to quit modelling, for good!"

"And what if I win?"

Sakura shrugged, "Whatever you want."

Lila thought about it and said, "Fine if I win...I get to have your boyfriend."

Sasuke heard this and spat out the water he was drinking and yelled, "Sakura! Don't you fucking dare!"

"Deal." Sakura said as held her hand for her to shake, "But remember, whether you're a rookie or not I won't go easy on you."

Lila took a big gulp, she shook her hand and stuttered, "Of-hic-of course."

Sakura's eyes slight slanted as she gave her a chilling smirk and said, "Perfect."

Sakura then walked past her and not just a normal walk but a runway worthy walk, with Marinette and the others following behind her.

As Marinette passed her, she laughed and said, "Oh god you really shouldn't have agreed, if you had decline you might have been able to safe some face but now, hahaha, she's going to destroy you."

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