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As we left off, (YN) has met some of Elma's friends, Kobayashi, Tohru, Ilulu and Kanna, Kobayashi and them led (YN) to Elam, who he is confused about what is even going on, so he follows Kobayashi and the others walking, and minutes pass by, and yet to realize they were walking to the beach, and no people around, and soon..(YN) realizes to see someone up ahead close to the was Elma, looking towards the Ocean view...

(YN): Elma?

Kobayashi: ...I know you're wondering why she's here and didn't told you....cause she scared to tell you.

(YN): Scared to tell me?? About what??

Tohru: The truth.

(YN): Wh-What truth??

Kobayashi:'s kinda hard for us to explain it to you, so it's better of for her to tel you, trust me.

Ilulu: We only came by to help Elma gain some confidence and tell you about her something you need to know about.

(YN): Something I need to know??

They nod...

(YN): ...Well...if it's crucial, then I'm gonna have to know then.

(YN) began to slowly walk over to Elma, as Kobayashi and them stand aside to see they do, (YN) kept on walking over to her...and Elma slowly turning her face around, and to see him approaching, (YN) then stopped...Elma then turns around and starring at (YN) with a unsettling look...

Elma: I see you've met my friends.

(YN): Yea, they seem nice people...good to know you have good friends like them...

Elma: Yea, I do.

(YN): Elma...what's wrong? They suddenly came up to me, and started telling me you have something to tell me, and it's kinda worrying me and making me concern so...can you tell me?

Elma: ...(YN), these past days, it meant so much to me that the fact I manage to feel very happy and overjoyed to meet someone like you. You're sweet, generous, and kind. Our talks were so enjoyable to, and our hang outs as well.

(YN): Heh, I feel the same way.

Elma blushes and softly smiles at him...but then again gives off an upset look..and to look down...

Elma: But...even if you've know so much about me...there' thing, you don't know about me...and may or may not like about me...(YN)...tell me...will still be around me once I show you my true self?

(YN) was quiet at first, still wondering what she was talking about, so he then takes a deep breathe...and exhales and replies...

(YN): I don't care what it is, and I don't know what it will be...but all I can tell you and make sure you that I still want to be around you, no matter what.

Elma blushes again...and then to turn around, and again looking at the ocean view...

Elma: Very well goes.

(YN): ...Elma?

Suddenly, Elma slowly approaches to the ocean, as the water touches her feet by the waves...and then to suddenly leap up to the air, and then to dive towards the water...

(YN): W-WOAH! E-Elma!!? Elma!!

(YN) was looking around, and yet no sight of her in the water...

(YN): H-Hey guys!! Don't just stand there, help me find Elma! She might be drowning!

Kobayashi: Don't worry, this is what she's trying to tell you.

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