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You peeped out the door and it was your friend Lila! The one who gave you the key and got you stuck in this situation in the first place.
I mean.. you didn't even need the key to begin with. Vice just opened the door for you.

Maybe the key was for something else.

"Y/n!!" She wrapped you in a hug as she let herself in. "Why weren't you at school?? I was so worried something had happened to you! It was just a silly prank me and the other girls made up!"
"A prank?" You repeated confused and she looked at you.
"We made it up.. but you didn't come to school today so I actually thought you were hurt or something!"

You looked down at the black haired girl as her brown eyes beamed up at you. She had a desperate but cheeky smile as she asked for forgiveness but you weren't mad.

That rumor.. or "prank" they told, turned out to be true.

"I just wasn't feeling good.." You reassured with a smile and she let you go.

"I figured your parents weren't home, so I brought you something~"

She took a bag from behind her back and it was Chinese take out!

"Maybe this will make you feel better?"



You and Lila laughed while sitting on the carpet and eating.
"So.. you keep mentioning this boy, you like him?" You asked while grabbing a fortune cookie and Lila got flustered.
"Y/n!! No of course not!"

You tossed her the other fortune and you both opened them.

"You can't always forgive, but you can always forget"

"Mine says 'You look pretty today'!!" Lila squealed as you stayed staring at your confusing fortune. "What does yours say?"
"Something stupid.." you mumbled and stuffed it in your pocket.

Lila stood up and went in the kitchen to throw away the trash.


Your eyes darted for the window.

Did you hear a branch snap?

You looked away a bit paranoid as you heard noise in the kitchen.

What's taking Lila so long? I bet she's looking for more snacks..

Just as you were about to join her in the kitchen, to your surprise, Lila came around the corner.

She was shaking her wet hands.

"You need some paper towels in your bathroom or something.." she complained and your heart dropped.

What was that noise in the kitchen?

"Well it's getting reallyyyy dark now. I'm lucky my parents let me come see you this late" she groaned and went towards the front door, "I guess I'll head home"
"Lila!" You blurted out and she paused.
"Want to have a sleepover?" You asked in a more calmer tone and she frowned.
"I wish but I have to let my parents know before hand.." she sighed and you stood up.
"Well.. I'll walk you home"
"It'll be really dark by the time we get there Y/n.. I don't think it's safe" she warned concerned but you didn't want to hear it.
"It's fine really! Plus I don't want you walking alone.."

Stay in this creepy house or walk her home and come back in the dark?

Either possibility was scary.. so you decided being with someone a little longer might calm you down.

"If you say so.."
She shrugged and turned around.

Before you could even get a step in, your heart dropped as you felt a presence behind you.
You slowly turned around.

"Y/n? You coming?"

"Umm.. Lila do you see that?"

"See what?"


You had joked with her saying you saw a roach, but in reality.. you had never been more terrified.
You both were nearing Lila's house rapidly which made your palms sweat even more.

It was still following you.

The tall dark figure with big white eyes. It had to be at least seven or eight feet tall.
A smile?
No.. It wasn't even smiling.
It had an long eerie frown yet it's teeth were visible.
It's long arms look as though it could reach out and grab you as you walked ahead with Lila.

You were shaking but trying to keep calm.

What was it? A spirit? A demon?
What did it want? What was it waiting on.. until you were alone?

"Alright well we're here" Lila yawned and then looked at you. "Be careful okay? See you tomorrow"

You gave her a reassuring smile and waved.
As she went inside, you watched from the end of the sidewalk.
As soon as the door closed, what you had feared.. happened.

"You're tHe chaRmer? hehe.."

It's voice was deep and crooked.

Oh hell no.


Before you knew it you were sprinting towards the temple as the thing crawled behind you.

You'd never ran faster in your life as you heard the thump of its limbs on the cement as it chased you.
The faster you ran, the closer you got to the shrine.

As the temple came into view, a smile formed on your face.

"SlOw DoWn.. hehe.."

You didn't slow down as you bursted through the door.


"Caide!!" You cried as you wrapped him in a hug.
You didn't care that you were still mad at him..
"What? What's wrong??"
He didn't push you away like you thought he would.

"There's something chasing me.." you choked out and he looked at you concerned.
Caide glanced out the door and didn't move. "I don't see anything.."
"I'm not lying!" You yelled at him and he stood up.
"I'll go check it out.."

You sat on the floor and waited for him to come back. When he finally did, there was nothing.
"I'm telling the truth.. there was something.." you mumbled a bit confused.

"If you missed me you should've said that.."


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