Ch.14: Setback.

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703 rests his head on his doctor's lap closing his eyes as they were sitting on the back of a military truck that was taking them to the C-City.

(Y/n) sighs pulling his cheek.

"Don't be too relaxed, we could get attacked in any second once we leave S-City"

"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe" he groans "Now, pet my head"

She blushes "Who do you think you are to demand things!?"

He frowns and opens his eyes looking at her.

"Why are you acting mad?"

"Because!" she signals the empty truck "We had to take another truck apart from the group because they refused to travel with us! Whose fault is that?"

He chuckles remembering everyone avoiding them after a whole deal with Experiment 111.

"It's not funny, 703" she keeps pulling his cheek "We missed a chance to bond with our partners and gain each other trust"

He rolls his eyes "How will we gain their trust if we will barely talk to each other in a short travel"

"Those travel are important, it's when you connect with other people and learn their stories, such as 'I have a daughter waiting for me at home that cares for me' or something like that"

"That sounds lovely" he rolls his eyes and sits up "Let me practice" he clears his throat "Hi! I'm being held against my will for an evil corporation that tortured me every day with the excuse of finding a cure for an illness that I'm pretty sure doesn't have a cure, fun fact, I'm 703 and I don't have a real name because that would humanize me and we don't want that, right? After all, I'm the Experiment that every fucking ambitious, malicious doctor want to put their hands on" he speaks with venom "Nice to meet you" he held a sarcastic smile on his lips.

The doctor stares at him for a second before chuckling humorlessly and shaking her head.

"Right..." she looks at through the blinded window of the truck.

He looks at her and sighs realizing his mistake.

"I'm not talking about you when I said ambitious and malicious doctor"

"No need to explain to me, you have every right to be mad" she kept looking through the window.

"... Are you mad at me?" he leans closer to her.

"Each day I'm getting close to get my results from you... meaning that I won't need you anymore and I'll start working on another experiment" she turns to look at him "So I'm not any different from the other doctors, as we all look after the same goal"

703 looks at her with an empty look on his eyes. He couldn't believe what he was hearing from his doctor. He remembers that he asked her to kill him once she finishes experimenting with him. Will she do it? Does he still want to die?

"You can't do that" he mutters looking at her.

She tilts her head "Do what?"

Their conversation was interrupted by an abrupt crash, 703 quickly brings her to his chest covering her head as the vehicle was going on circles until it crashed against a building.

Her ears were ringing and she could barely see anything, the only thing she could focus right now is the bright eyes of the experiment holding her.

He was saying something to her.

"(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Don't pass out!"

She blinks multiple times before coming back to herself.

"Are you okay?" he asks softly.

She nods and holds him tight.

"W-What happened?"

He looks through the window.

"It seems that we crashed against the first truck"

They hear shots from the outside as the truck door's opens forcefully.

"Dr. (L/n)!" a worried Sveta looks inside the truck "A horde is attacking us, the Explorer Jay Jane knows a way out of here, let's go!" she extends her hand to her but 703 glares at her and lifts (Y/n) up on his arms exiting the truck.

"Over here!" the explorer yells.

703 runs towards the direction that the explorer signaled. Watching from the side, he sees Guard Lucas Vazquez and Sniper Mark Gunman shooting at the ghouls approaching them. Sveta was covering them.

Suddenly, they heard a loud scream that they recognized as an Ironclad.

Turning around the corner, an Ironclad comes running to the commotion. The Ironclad lifts up a car and throws it towards the group. 703 leaves the doctor on the floor and runs towards the car coming to them stopping it on the middle of the street. The Ironclad charged against him but 703 was capable to push it down on the ground grabbing its head with both hands separating it from the rest of the body.

"Damn" Mark mutters looking at the angry experiment.

"703!" (Y/n) calls the attention of the experiment as the group was entering into a subway which the explorer had the key of.

703 turns to look at her and leaves the head to the side running towards her. As soon as he stands by her side, Fay closes the gate locking it up.

The ghouls left outside started to pound to gate.

"Let's go" Fay walks through the halls of the subway until she entered into a safe room.

Once everyone was inside the room, Fay closed the door.

"So this is a Safe Room" Lucas looks around the room that had munition and medical kits.

"Yep, we tend to hide these rooms around the city" Fay looks at them.

"What happened?" (Y/n) asks.

"The fucking driver stopped abruptly when a child stepped on the road" Mark frowns and lit up a cigarette.

"A child?" (Y/n)'s eyes widens.

"A fucking ghoul child..." he glares the door "He almost got us all killed"

"The drivers... they..."

"Didn't survive..." Sveta speaks up "I checked on them"

Fay takes out a map and points in the middle of it.

"We are here, in the middle of B City" she drags her finger all the way down of the map "We need to get here, to the Medical Center of C City to retrieve the samples that the previous team left for us" she looks up at them "It's almost a two day travel by foot" she frowns looking at the map "B City is worst than I remember, maybe the variant is affecting here too"

"It's getting dark, we should get going tomorrow morning" Sveta looks at her watch.

"We don't have that much time" (Y/n) speaks up looking down at her tablet "If the report that Dr. Lace sent me is correct then the samples will rot by tomorrow night"

"You can't fix it if that happens?" Lucas asks.

"I can't un-rot blood..."

"Great" Mark rests his back on the wall "So what should we do?"

(Y/n) looks at the map and trails the same path that Fay signaled "By this path we will get into C City in two days, right?"

Fay nods "This is the safest path to get there, and now with more ghouls in the city I would say that this is the most recommended as well"

"Right..." the doctor looks up at the explorer "And which one is the fastest one?"

Fay shakes her head "No, if we all go to that path then we will walking straight to our death"

"It won't be all of us" (Y/n) frowns "Just 703 and me"

"What? No way!" Sveta frowns "What part of 'walking straight to death' do you not understand?"

"We need those samples as pure as we can get them" she puts her bag on the table "This bag has more freezing technology than any of the C City's labs, we need to just get there, grab the samples and then we will wait for you to come for us..."

"I'm sorry but I think I'm going to agree with Sveta this time, it's incredibly dangerous" Lucas speaks up.

"I'm not asking for opinions" (Y/n) frowns "I'm saying that I'll get to C City's labs and retrieve the samples"

"Why are these things important to you?" Fay asks "Can't we get more of those from other ghouls?"

"Not really..." (Y/n) looks down at her tablet "The previous team managed to get the samples from a patient zero of the new variant... and from what I read, they are rare which it means that they are the most threatening of all the ghouls... if we get those samples then we can take them to the S City labs and find a weakness and then spread the information on the other cities to prevent more deaths" she looks at Fay "You said that this city wasn't in this state the last time you came in here, this is proof of how menacing this variant could be"

"I stand by the kid here" Mark raises his hand "If she goes with that thing over there I think that she might survive" he points at the experiment that was standing silent behind his doctor the whole time "We all saw him rip a fucking Ironclad's head with his bare hands, and those things are almost indestructible" he chuckles "Also, I recognize a killer's look when I see it and I know for sure that he planned to kill us all in the first chance that he has to do it, so I want him as far as possible from me"

"That's not true" (Y/n) turns to look at the experiment seeing him nod "Oh, it is true, I forgot that 703 doesn't like spending too much time with other people"

"W-Well then..." Fay chuckles nervously and points at the map "This is the fastest way to C City, however, in C City I recommend you to go to the safest path since not only you will face ghouls but also you could face dangerous people such as cannibals, cult followers or even people that kills other people for fun..."

"I know" (Y/n) looks at the map "I was born in C City and managed to survive until I moved out at the age of fifteen... there are some secret tunnels underground, last time I was those tunnels, there wasn't any ghouls around"

"Secret tunnels in C City?" Fay tilts her head "I never heard of that..."

"That's the point" (Y/n) looks at the map "It's more like a local's thing, it was most commonly used by kids that wanted to survive the night from the ghouls or the fucked up adults that wanted to have a hold of them, also, there are a few secret entrances to the tunnels on the whole city"

"That's fucked up..." Mark frowns.

"It is..." (Y/n) nods "So I just need to get into C City and then make my way through the tunnels towards the lab" she turns to look at 703 "I'm ready whenever you are"

703 sighs and nods, he honestly didn't want to do anything on this whole expedition but he couldn't let his doctor walk around a city filled with ghouls and now that he heard how dangerous this new variant could be he wasn't planning on letting her out of his sight. Besides, this was also a way to get the other humans away from them without killing them as he was planning to do tonight.

"I'll go with you" Sveta walks towards them but 703 takes a step back holding his doctor's waist taking her with him.

"N-No need, guard Orlov" (Y/n) chuckles nervously "I need to have 703 on full control of his senses when we go outside, I can't let him be distracted with thoughts of murdering another person"

Sveta glares at 703 "If he can't protect you properly because he gets distracted too easily then I would do it" she looks back at the doctor "I'm going to have my full attention on you, Dr. (L/n), I won't let anything happen to you"

703's mind went blank as he remembered the words of his doctor.

'... I won't need you anymore and I'll start working on another experiment'

He can't let that happen, he won't let her leave him for another experiment, and much less for an experiment such as Sveta.

Before he leaps towards the S Class Guard to rip her apart, his doctor holds his arm.

"I know that my life would be safe in 703's hands but I can't say the same for your life, Orlov... 703 is unstable when he deals with others..."

"Besides, you were the one that I was planning to kill first" 703 mutters glaring at the guard.

Fay walks in front of the doctor handing her the map trying to cease the tension.

"A-At the end of the subway by the south, you will find an exit that'll lead you to the principal road... after that, just follow the indications that I marked you and you'll get to C City by tomorrow afternoon"

(Y/n) nods grabbing the map.

"Good luck, doctor" Fay smiles at her "I'm hoping to see you again, you seem like a really interesting person to work with"

"You'll be next..." 703 mutters.

(Y/n) grabs her bag and walks towards the door with 703 walking next to her.

"Then, see you in C City's lab" she salutes the group before leaving the Safe Room with 703.

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