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Salty tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked in the restroom mirror.

His nightmare had come true. Her crush had asked her out and he just had to live with the fact that the one he loved the most now had someone else.

It hurt.

It felt like his heart was cut in half with a knife and a part of him had been taken away.

He looked up at himself in the mirror and saw his reflection in it. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

It would never be the same again; his friendship with Jiwoo.

He sighed once, "You ruined it for yourself, Jake," Jake said to himself in the mirror before wiping away his tears with his bare hands and walking out of the restroom, "It's all your own fault," he muttered softly.

An empty hallway.

That's how he felt now, empty. Empty inside.

Fuck, he hated the feeling.

"Jake?! Where are you? Jake?"

He heard his name echo down the hallway a few times. He recognized her voice so well that he was immediately startled to hear her voice. Quickly, the boy gasped and quickly hid back in the restrooms.

Jake leaned his back against the door and closed his eyes tightly. He sighed softly and slowly exhaled his breath as sweat dripped from his forehead.

The voices were getting closer and closer. So close that he felt like he was standing next to her.

"Jake? Are you here?"

Jake bit his lower lip to keep the words in his mouth. He wanted so badly to say her name back, but he didn't. He just couldn't. He was scared and nervous.

"Jake..." Jiwoo sighed on the other side of the door to the boys' restroom. Jake felt guilty, but would rather not see her right now either.

He heard her continue walking again. Her footsteps faded and faded and a moment later the footsteps were completely gone.

Jake exhaled in relief that she was finally gone. He took a step forward, turned around and finally left the restrooms. He quickly looked around to make sure no one was there and then ran frantically in the opposite direction from where the sounds of Jiwoo disappeared, careful not to run into her in his path.

He ran as fast as he could and tried not to trip over his own feet.

Suddenly he bumped into something hard. Jake looked up, thinking he had bumped into a wall, but saw no one but Sunghoon.

Sunghoon looked at him, "Jiwoo is looking for you, if I were you I would go to her. She is worried about you." Sunghoon said as he rolled his eyes.

Jake frowned as Sunghoon rolled his eyes, this man really only lives out of jealousy!

"Then go, go find her. She'd rather be with you than me anyway," Sunghoon hissed, "She talks all the time about how she's worried about you and ignores me. I thought she was in love with me, but apparently she likes you better."

"That last one is a lie," Jake replied quickly, "I'm just her friend and you're her prince on a white horse, Mr. Prince Charming. So if I were you, I'll change your cattish behavior and go after her." Jake said as he angrily pushed on Sunghoon's chest, "You go find her, Mr. Jealous."

Jake walked past Sunghoon and brushed his shoulder against his, causing Sunghoon to stumble backwards.

Sunghoon watched Jake leave the school building without even glancing back at him.  He swallowed, Mr. Jealous...

He stood in his spot silently for a few seconds thinking and finally came to the conclusion, "I am indeed jealous.... I am jealous of him..."


Sunghoon was startled and quickly turned himself around, only to see Jiwoo running towards him, panting.

She stood in front of him and put her hands on her knees. She was also breathing heavily, "Jake is nowhere to be found."

Jake... Everything has to be about Jake again so badly.

Again, jealous.

"I give up looking for him, because he's probably headed home anyway," Jiwoo continued. "How about we go to your place otherwise?"

Sunghoon stared at Jiwoo for a while and felt a strange twist in his stomach. This time it weren't butterflies, as usual.

"I suddenly don't feel quite right, a little sick," Sunghoon replied, "So I think I'll go home too. I'll see you tomorrow though."


"Bye, Jiwoo. Go back to the detention classroom soon to avoid being punished worse by the teacher," Sunghoon said as he turned around, walked out of the school building and left a frozen in place Jiwoo.

Jiwoo looked down at her feet and bit the inside of her cheek.

Jake and Sunghoon both left her, suddenly, out of nowhere and she didn't know why.

Maybe I am the reason they had left...

Maybe I am the whole problem...

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