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She's here.

And she's bleeding.

The first thing I do is reach out for her to pull her inside. God, she must be freezing. Her hair is even darker when wet, and her face is paler from the cold. She looks drained, exhausted.

When my hand grazes her wrist, she flinches so badly, she shocks herself. Our bodies both freeze in place. Until I feel a tug on my other hand.

Holy shit.

Quickly, I kneel down to meet a pair of eyes that are almost exactly the same color as mine, "Carina, go upstairs and get Papá a hoodie, okay?"

She nods, her hair bouncing with her head. She lets go of my hand and her tiny feet patting against the wood floor. As she disappears up the stairs, I turn my attention back to Hana, who's bleeding is getting worse.

Her shoulders look tenser, squared off. I then realize she heard what I said to Carina. Of course she did. She's right in front of me.

"Hana, please come inside."

She blinks, looking a little less numb. And she finally steps into the house. Letting out a breath of relief, I hold my hand out for her to take. She stares at it.

"I'm not grabbing your hand unless you grab mine," I say, shaking my hand a little for emphasis.

Her chest deflates with a new calmness and she looks like she's coming back to reality. She nods, not meeting my eyes, but she grasps my hand. It's like grabbing a handful of ice. I give her a reassuring squeeze, and lead her into the nearest bathroom.

When we enter, she gasps.

"What? What- Are you hurt?" I ask instantly, my eyes scanning her body for any other injuries.

She shakes her head, looking around the room, "I'm having major deja vu."

The day after Halloween.

"Okay, well, you can have deja vu after we get your bleeding stopped."

"Right, of course," she says absentmindedly. She walks in front of me, still holding my hand, pulls down the toilet cover, and sits on it.

I squat down to search through the sink cabinet, with one hand, but curse when there's no bandages. I look back at her, and her gaze is set on the tile flooring.

"Hana," she blinks, "I have to get the first-aid kit upstairs."

Her head swings towards me, and a new emotion covers her face. Her eyes widen a fraction, don't leave me.

I won't.

I stand up straight, keying her to stand up too. As we walk out, she catches sight of herself in the mirror, and she winces.

Good, I think, it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks.

While walking towards the stairs, I hear a sloshing noise. She notices too, because she grimaces again. We both look down to her shoes, the white Converse darker than usual. Her socks are probably wet too.

I give her a look, do you want to stop?

She shakes her head and she starts walking ahead of me, climbing up a stair at a time. She walks normally so she probably doesn't have any broken bones. What happened?

I can't ask her yet. She seems like she's still in some stage of shock. Her lack of speech is one sign. Why hasn't she asked me about Carina?

We finally reach the top of the stairs, and she looks down the hallway with furrowed eyebrows. She hasn't been up here, I remember. I take the lead and pull her into the bedroom. My bedroom. She takes glances at the lack of decor, but then something catches her attention.

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