48 | dance

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"Are you alright?" Flynn's question makes me shift my attention to him

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"Are you alright?" Flynn's question makes me shift my attention to him.

His brows furrow. He stares at me with wonder. "What was that call all about? Is there something wrong?"

Honestly, it's so much more than that. I'm afraid that this will turn into a disaster.

I'm debating whether I should go back or not, but now that I'm here with Flynn, as well as Ash and Maya, I don't think that what Aiden is doing is fair.

This is the first time for me being at a college party, and that's why I've asked Flynn to come over. We haven't seen each other for quite a while, and he has prolonged his stay in Seattle because of me. I don't want to leave him like this.

I don't want to leave Ash and Maya either.

"You look pale," Flynn says. His voice is filled with worry. "I don't know what just happened, but you need to relax. I'll get you some water first, okay?"

I nod. My throat feels dry, and I don't even know what to do.

Flynn stands up, but then his expression turns serious. "If a guy is approaching you again and trying to take advantage of you, don't be afraid to hit him. I'll only be away for a minute."

I nod again, watching as Flynn walks off.

Before I can worry about what's happening around me, Flynn is already back, just as he said. He hands me a glass of water, and I drink it to calm myself down.

"Hey, what are you doing to her?" A loud voice echoes in my ears. I find Ash staring at the two of us in horror.

She just came back from the dance floor with Maya right behind her.

Ash snatches the glass away from me and glares at Flynn. "What the hell did you just give her?"

Oh my, this is a misunderstanding.

"It's okay, Ash," I quickly interrupt. "He's my friend."

Ash stares at me with a blank expression.

"We're actually really close," I say. "He's like a brother to me. I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you that he was coming here."

Ash's mouth drops open. Her face immediately flushes. "I'm sorry," she abruptly apologizes to Flynn.

"It's okay." Flynn smiles at her. "Nevaeh is lucky to have such a protective friend. Some guys at this party deserve to be knocked out." He throws a glance at Ash's ex-boyfriend, who's laughing with his new girl.

I suddenly remember what Flynn told me. Earlier, he said that he saw me at the entrance. Did he see what happened to Ash?

My gaze shifts to the entrance door. Aiden still hasn't arrived, but my pulse quickens as I think about it. I hope that he won't attract much attention. I don't know what he's going to do.

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