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"What?!" You yelled.

Caide shrugged cockily.

"It's okay. I just want to let you know ahead of time, I don't date children.." he closed his eyes with an arrogant smile.

You were fumed.

"The only reason I even came to this stupid temple is because you're a shaman!! It had to be some type of demon.." you sighed and Caide scoffed.
"Oh so now you want my help? You didn't seem to listen when I warned you about that nice spirit. In case you didn't know, spirits turn into demons!!"
"Well if you don't believe me, Vice will!!" You yelled and began walking out the door.

Caide grabbed your arm.

"Who's to say that bracelet he gave you isn't the reason why this is happening?" he asked and you rolled your eyes.
"You're still on about the bracelet?"
"I'm telling you! Trust me I'm the shaman here!"

You gave Caide a nasty look and he rolled his eyes. Your eyes darted out the open door and you saw white eyes staring at your from the bushes.
You clung to Caides shirt.

It can't come in here..

"Caide look.." You whispered and he followed your gaze.
"Oh.." he let out as he made eye contact with the demon.

He slammed the door and left the room as he immediately began lighting an incense.

"Geez.. your just an unlucky charm aren't you?" he grumbled and you rolled your eyes.
"Wait! That thing.. it asked me was I the charmer.."

Caide looked at you confused and smiled.

"Pfft.. no way.."

Caide began laughing as he fell on the floor bussing out laughing.

"What?? What's so funny!" You grabbed him as you both tossed on the floor.

Some how, you ended on top of him and he took your wrist gently with a smile.

"In superstition.. a charmer is a spirits wife~"
"What!?!" You yelled shocked as he continued laughing.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled you closer while on top of him.
"Hey.." he said a little softer than before. "I'm sorry for how I acted.. I was just a little mad you didn't listen when I warned you about the spirit.."

Your eyes widened a bit.

"If that demon really did call you a charmer.. you're in danger.." he sighed and looked at you slightly with a smirk. "Don't worry Y/n.."
He pulled your faces a little closer.
"I'll protect you.."

You felt your face heat as you pressed on his chest.
"This is a little inappropriate, don't you think?"
Caide chuckled a bit, "What are you thinking? You look so flustered"

You rolled your eyes as he began teasing you. He moved so that you were the one on the floor as he leaned down.
He was just staring at you as you looked up at him a bit confused and flustered.
Suddenly he scoffed and let you go as you hit the floor with a thud.

"Hey!!" you yelled and he stood up.
"I've never had to deal with a demon before.." he smiled a bit crazed and helped you up. "Try taking that bracelet off"

You began tugging at your wrist but it wouldn't come off!
You even tried to tear the string but it was so tough. Caide even went and got scissors but the scissors ended up breaking.

"Just as I thought.. It's like a wedding ring for a ghost.."
"What?? A wedding ring?!" you exclaimed as Caide was lost in thought.
"I thought it was just a myth.. basically when a spirit proposes, it gives you an item that you wear for eternity. The reason that demon was chasing you is because demons are attracted to spirit wife's or what they call 'Charmers'" Caide continued, "A way to get the demons to stop chasing and trying to kill you is to kiss your spirit husband, but then you'll die and turn into a spirit too.."
"What?! Caide I'll die either way!!"

You began pacing back and forth nervous.
Why would Vice do this??
Was he that desperate for company?

"I said I'll protect you didn't I? Plus that's not the only way. I'm a shaman after all.. I would know" Caide sort of boasted as he dug through drawers, "Demons are mainly out at night, or when you're alone so never be out during those times.. that demon can't come in here because it's a blessed temple which I'm sure you've figured out.."

Caide stood up with a huff.

"Fuck.. I don't have one"
"Have what?" you asked and he looked down at you.
"I'll have to make you one.. so go to sleep.."
"What?! Who said I was spending the night with you!!" You spat and he gritted his teeth.
"Oh well by all means go outside with the demon and be killed! I could care less.."
"Well.. I could just go stay with Vice"

You crossed your arms and Caides eye twitched.

"Didn't I say don't trust that nice spirit?! But noooo you don't listen to me even though I'm always right!"
"See that's your problem.." You stood up and marched up to him.

This time instead of him grabbing your shirt you grabbed his, which made him laugh.

"Laugh all you want! But your problem is that arrogant, stupid god complex.. you'll never get a girlfriend if you act like this.." you smiled as you irked his nerves.
"Didn't I tell you I don't believe in love? You were so desperate that you went and got engaged to a spirit~" he grinned and you rolled your eyes.
"Whatever.." you mumbled and went to lay back down.

You fell asleep shortly afterwards as you snuggled up against Caides blanket.


"Wake up.."
"Huh?" you grumbled and felt a hard kick to the side. "Ow!!"
"Get up!!" Caide told you as you rubbed your side.
"Huh? What time is it?" You yawned.
"Like seven.."
"Seven?!?" you yelled shocked and immediately bolted out the door and to your house.

By the time you got to your house and got ready, you had already missed breakfast at school.

"Ugh I'm late.." you sighed as you began walking.

You noticed the car beside you was driving abnormally slow.

"Need a ride?"


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