-Pretty boy-

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"Sorry Aurore..." Adrien spoke nonchalantly, as if he was bored. "I just don't think it's gonna work out." The blonde headed girl pressed her hands against his chest. "Please Adrien, I'll do anything to fix this... I... I love you." He winced a little, how could she say that when she barely knew anything about him? He had never even opened up to her.

"Look, you're a cute girl, don't get me wrong. It's just... You're not my type." He said, shrugging. He watched her eyes water, as she clenched her fists and stomped off. He rolled his eyes, she wouldn't have liked him if he wasn't famous anyways.

Recently, Adrien had been going through a rough time. He didn't tell anyone that however, no one would understand. It had been years since his mother passed away, so why did it still bother him?

Adrien wasn't just shocked, he was also depressed, and heartbroken...
He was never going to see his mother again.
He was never going to hear her laugh again... see her smile again...
She was never going to sing to him before he went to bed, or tickle him, or read him stories, and nothing could ever replace that.

His father had grown distant from him, even though Adrien had tried almost everything to earn his approval, or make him proud. His efforts were never acknowledged by Gabriel, and Adrien had almost given up several times.

He could've talked to his mother about anything, but he didn't have that anymore. So nobody knew that he was secretly dying inside, or that he wanted to give up on life, or that he only talked to all these girls because of the lack of attention he had at home.

Adrien could vividly remember the day his father broke the news to him. His mother had died without him being able to say goodbye, and his father had never been the same since. All he needed was someone to help him heal, but no one was there for him. He felt incredibly alone.

Breaking hearts was something he became good at. He wasn't necessarily proud of it, but he pretended to be. The girls that fell for the fake him, the fake smile or the model on the billboards could never replace the absence or comfort of his mother. He hated what he had become.

He hated his reflection in the mirror, he hated the front cover of the magazines, and he hated the billboards.

He felt like everyday was the same... What he didn't know, was that was going to change really soon.


"How's college like, girlie?" Alya asked Marinette over the phone. Marinette chuckled, "It's like high school on steroids." She said, unpacking some of the boxes in her dorm room. Alya laughed, "That bad? Well hey is your roommate at least nice?"

Her roommate was practically never there, she always seemed busy and preferred her parents house. "I mean... I don't know her all that well, she's gone most the time. Maybe comes over once or twice a week?" Alya let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness, I was worried she'd replace me."

Marinette rolled her eyes, "You know you're irreplaceable Alya, you're my best friend." Alya hummed over the phone, "This is true." She said with a hint of cockiness, making Marinette smile as she folded a few clothes inside her drawers.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, I bought us tickets to the jagged stone concert! I was lucky enough to score some just before they sold out." Alya said, Marinette gasped. "You did not!" She said in disbelief, "I've been wanting to go to that!"
Alya hummed, "I know girl, I am the best best friend ever am I right or am I right?" Marinette giggled, "You're right."

"It's this Saturday, I'll text you the address. I know you're busy so just call me later so we can go shopping for some outfits." Marinette placed her hand on her hip, "Sounds good. Alright bye." She smiled before she hung up the phone and placed it on her desk.

She liked her little dorm room, it was spacious and... Less pink. She still loved her old room, but she was older now, so she wanted to go for something more mature. Plus, the dorm was free due to her full-ride scholarship. It was way easier than driving all the way from her house to the College campus. She went to the University of Paris.

A few dorms down was none other than Adrien Agreste, the cocky jock that modeled for his fathers fashion company. The University of Paris was one of the best colleges in France, and his father wanted nothing less than just that.
He had his dorm room all to himself, and he already had his eyes set on the dark haired beauty down the hall.

Marinette locked her dorm room, placing her keys into her purse before heading off to her part time job. She worked waitressing at a cafe, usually the afternoon shift but sometimes she worked mornings on the weekend.

She made good money, usually just putting it away in her savings but she spent some when she went out with Alya or needed to buy books that weren't covered by the scholarship. She also went on an online shopping spree every other month or so...

"Hey gorgeous" she heard someone say behind her, he was somewhat... Familiar. He had golden blonde hair, caramel tan skin, and beautiful emerald green eyes. He was also really tall and incredibly fit, he was mouthwatering, but she had her priorities straight and knew not to waste her time on temporary romance.

"Not interested, pretty boy." She said, offering him nothing but a glance before she continued walking.

She didn't see his mouth drop, since she had already took a turn out of the hallway that lead to the dorm rooms. Its not like she didn't find him attractive, she just knew better than to mess around with a man who clearly had nothing long-lasting to offer. She hated guys like that...

Guys who saw women as easy.

She shrugged it off and got in her car. Turning up the radio and listening to jagged stone himself, she couldn't wait until Saturday. She got excited just thinking about it, as she drove off to work. It wasn't a very long drive, about ten minutes away from her dorm.

After she got off work at eight she had some assignments to complete, and on top of that, she needed to call Alya and plan for when they went shopping for outfits. She stopped by to get a coffee before she showed up early to get changed for work.

On the other hand....

Adrien repetitively tossed his football in the air, as he laid down and thought about his recent encounter with that girl. It was fair to say... He definitely wasn't used to rejection, especially at first glance. In fact, usually it was the other way around. But she was the most good-looking girl he'd ever seen and she wanted nothing to with him. But... He knew how to play the game.

He knew she'd cave eventually, I mean... Any girl he ever went after ended up liking him before he moved on. How could this girl be any different?

 How could this girl be any different?

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