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"Need a ride?"

You looked over at the older male in the nice car.

"No thanks.."
"Are you sure? That's a school uniform, I'm sure you're late.."

He was relatively handsome despite you knowing he was was too old for you. Twenty? Eh? Doesn't matter.. you'd be graduating soon enough.

"Aren't you late for work or something?" you asked looking at his nice attire.
He laughed.
"Yes I am.. so how about it?"

Usually you wouldn't hitch a ride with strangers.. but in all honesty the guy was hot.
Not to mention, Caide did say don't get caught alone or in the dark.

He didn't specify if being alone was in the light or dark so you agreed.

You hopped in the car and he drove to the school without a word.
You got out with a stretch and that's when you realized everyone was outside.

The first person you saw in the crowd was Lila.

"What's going on?"
"Oh Y/n.. the creepiest thing just happened. Our teacher started screaming randomly.. and banging her head on the desk until there was blood"
"Really?" you whispered with her quietly and the principal finally let everyone inside.

When you went to your classroom, the principal had a speech.

"Alright everyone.. I'm sorry you had to witness that but I promise your teacher is fine, but she will no longer be teaching here. Lucky for us we had an interviewer for the job on campus! So everyone welcome Mr. Lance"

Your eyes widened a bit as the same man walked inside who gave you a ride.

"He's so.. cute.."

You heard iconic whispers in the class from the girls and Lila poked your shoulder.
"The new teachers a real hottie right?"

Come on guys.. our teacher had a mental breakdown and is probably being sent to a mental asylum..

But they weren't wrong, it was surprising to see a teacher so young looking.

He glanced around the classroom until his eyes met yours.
Your heart jumped for some reason and he looked away as he began calling roll. Class went by smoothly and soon everyone went outside for break.

As you laughed with your friends on a bench, the yard suddenly became quiet.

"Who's that?"

You looked up and it was Caide dressed in his traditional attire!!

"Two cute guys in one day!" Lila squealed and Caide made eye contact with you as he began walking over.

You were about to say something until he grabbed your arm with no words. He began slipping on a rose quartz bead bracelet.

"There.. that should help.." he sighed with tired eyes.
Your friends were giving you looks of curiosity and you prayed they didn't say anything.
"Who's this?" Lila asked and you smiled nervously.
"Y/n why did you run out like that this morning?? I stayed up all night making this bracelet for you by the way!! All you did was snore in my bed and b-"

You covered Caides mouth quickly as your friends gasp.
You dragged him to the side where no one was around.

"Why'd you show up here??" You asked angrily and he rolled his eyes.
"This is the thanks I get? This bracelet protects you as long as I'm alive!"
"You're alive?"

Caide leaned against the wall tired as you stared at him.

He really did look sleepy, you didn't notice he was up all night.
Did he really lose sleep making this protection charm for you?

"Basically.. it kind of splits the wife deal between me and Vice. So even if he kisses you, you won't die as long as I'm alive and well" he let out drowsily.
"Wait.. I have two husbands?!" you let out shocked and he chuckled.
"Yep.." he grabbed your wrist and kissed your lips quickly and softly.

You stood shocked as he closed his eyes against the wall.

"Why'd you kiss me?"
"It's just for the charm to work.. don't get your hopes up.." Caide said with a yawn.

You just looked at him and didn't know whether to be upset or not. Should you even go see Vice today?
It's not like you asked Vice about any of this.. so could Caide be lying?
It's weird that you didn't know who to trust.. but your best bet was with the Shaman.

"One more thing.. not all demons are stupid like the one that just up right chased you.." Caide patted your head, "Some demons can disguise as humans, so be careful. Those are the ones who have been around for century's unable to move on. I can usually tell if they are in disguise, and I'll take them out okay? Demons are a lot more aggressive and sneaky than spirits as you have seen"
"What do the demons want with charmers?" You asked and Caide smiled.

"To eat them.."


You sat in class looking out the window.

To eat them?

Caide also mentioned that if a demon eats a spirits wife.. they turn into a spirit and get to redeem their souls and move on..

You sighed.

Geez this is complicated..

"Ms Y/n.. am I boring you?"

You looked up quickly as Mr. Lance had just called you out infront of the whole class.

"No sir.." you mumbled as he continued teaching.

Demons can disguise as humans? Just to eat a charmer? That's so freaky..


School was over and Caide was waiting for you outside.
"Are you just gonna stalk me now?" you rolled your eyes and Caide scoffed.
"You wish! I'm just making sure you don't do anything stupid.."
"I promised Vice I'd go see him today.." you mumbled and Caide was baffled.
"You can't be serious? Did you not listen to anything I've said?!?" he yelled and you walked pass him and into the woods.

It's not like Vice had really done anything harmful..

Except try to make you his bride without asking..

"Oh so you're just gonna ignore me?" Caide followed, "Okay fine! I'm your husband now so you have to listen to me!"
"Half husband.." you mumbled with a laugh and Caide rolled his eyes.

The old school came into view and Caide grabbed both your shoulders.

"How do you think this spirit will react when he sees you have another bracelet? He could kill us.."
You smirked and leaned up at Caide.

"You're the Shaman here right?"
Caides face began to heat.

"Plus you're my half husband.. so protect me~"


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