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You walked inside the school as Caide followed behind you annoyed.
You were hit with a wall of coldness as Vice wrapped his arms excitedly around you.

"Y/n!!! It feels like it's been forever even though I just seen you yesterday!" he grinned and then looked behind you."Oh.. you brought the shaman"
"Why did you make her a charmer Vice?!" Caide asked aggressively and Vice let you go.

You let out a deep breathe as you rubbed your own chill skin.

"I don't think that's a bad thing.. is it illegal? I don't think so.. otherwise it wouldn't be a possibility~" Vice pouted with a smile and Caide gritted his teeth.
"It is a bad thing because you didn't ask her permission! Did you know a demon chased her??"

Vice turned and looked at you as you stood awkwardly.

It felt weird having Caide get so upset over you.

"I'm sorry Y/n.. I didn't think that would happen. I was hoping the shaman gave the other beads to me so I can leave this school and protect you.."
"Were you going to kill me and turn me into a spirit?" you asked calmly and he gave you a confused look as he floated over to you.
"What? No.. I would never do that to you. I was just gonna make you my wife and protect you so I won't be lonely.." he admitted a bit quietly.


You weren't as surprised or upset.

Vice didn't seem like the type to do something that crazy.
You wondered if you would've done that same thing if you were in his position.

Vices eyes traveled to your left wrist.

"What's that?" the tone in his voice seemed to lower and Caide stepped infront of you.
"I split the wife deal to protect her.." Caide stated and Vice laughed as he floated in the air above you two.

"I'm sorry but.. are you stupid?"

"What?!" Caide yelled and you laughed a bit at Vices monotonous.
"You didn't do that to protect her from the demons, you did that to protect her from me.. but that's the worst decision you could've made.."

Caide went silent and you pushed him back a bit.

"Caide.. what is he talking about?"

"I don't trust him Y/n.." Caide mumbled and Vice stepped up to you both.
"I don't want to hurt her, I don't know why you see me as a threat. Shamans are suppose to help spirits move on but for some reason you hate me.." he shrugged honest and Caide scoffed.
"That's okay.. I'm use to people hating me despite my kindness. What made you think her having two husbands, one a spirit and one a shaman, would make her less of a target for demons?"
"Shut up.. the demons won't attack her now that she has a shaman by her side" Caide spat and glanced at you.

He could see the anger on your face.

"An inexperienced shaman.. you can't be by her side 24/7 can you?" Vice asked curiously.
"Seriously Caide?! I told you Vice wasn't evil!! He just wanted company and now I'm in twice as much of danger!" You yelled and Caide got offended.
"What?! I said I'll protect you didn't I?? What more do you want?! Why do you trust this guy over me? He's not even alive!!"


A window panel cracked as Vice smiled at you both.

"Sorry.. I'd just rather you two not argue because of me.." he admitted.
"It's fine.. this jerk doesn't listen to anyone but himself anyway.." you crossed your arms and Caide bawled his fists as he looked at Vice.

He let out a sigh.

"You're right.. as a shaman my duty is to help the spirits move on and take out the demons." He put his head down defeated.
"If you give me those green beads.. I could leave this school and protect Y/n from the demons.. I know you can't always be there" Vice said innocently as the two stared each other down.
"I'm sorry Y/n.. I thought I was doing the right thing but I was acting selfishly.." Caide apologized and began pulling out the beads.

You bit your lip contradicted.
Once he gives Vice those beads, there was no going back..

You placed your hand on Caides, stopping him from pulling out the beads.

"Promise me Vice.."

You caught his attention.

"Promise me you have no bad intention, promise me you won't harm anyone as vengeance to move on.."

He took your hand and you stared into his transparent eyes, despite the cold contact.

"I promise.." he kissed your hand as you felt the cold breeze.

Vice took the emerald green beads from Caide with a smile as he put them around his own neck.
He then immediately took your hand and dashed out the front doors of the school. He looked up at the sky which was plastered with colors as the sun set.

"It's beautiful.." he mumbled and then turned to you.

Caide walked out the school slowly with a bit of animosity.

"Thank you Y/n.." Vice let out deeply with a smile, "I really don't mean any harm"


All three of you were now walking back to the main school.

"So when will you give me those final beads?"
"Never" Caide spat and you smacked his head. "What?! I don't know what those beads do, so I won't be giving it to him! Don't hit me again.."

You hit his head again and you both started play fighting.
He grabbed your shirt and you grabbed his as you both glared at each other.

"You're not getting the mat tonight, you're sleeping on the floor!!" Caide yelled and you smacked your lips offended.
"What?! You're sleeping outside!!"

"What are you two talking about?" Vice floated between you both and you dusted yourself off. "Aren't we going to your house Y/n? The shaman can go home since I can protect you from the demons.."
"Oh yeah.." you laughed off and Caide looked ahead.

"I think I saw someone.."

To be continued ❤️

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