Vol. 2. Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins

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No One's Pov

Vilgax had walked towards the table making the rest of of Salem's subordinates back up. He roared in rage and grabbed the table and throwing it out the window, breaking everything. He stomped towards Salem and towered over her.

Vilgax: You said you would have an army ready to take down that pathetic kingdom you call Vale! And I don't see it! Instead, you're playing teaparty with your excuse of henchmen!!

He punched the ground next to her, making it break, but she didn't flinch.

Tyrian: don't talk to the mistress that way!!

He charged Vilgax, but he quickly turned around and punched Tyrian, breaking several ribs and destroying his Aura, launching him into the wall and knocking him out cold.

Vilgax: That pathetic inchworm, Jaune Arc is at his weakest! Need I remind you that he has several aliens that could destroy your empire

Salem: I don't need reminding and if you're so fixated on getting him, why don't you do it yourself?

Vilgax glared at her and let out a low growl

Vilgax: you're lucky I can't kill you witch, other wise it would be a painful and slow death. And for your information, I'm still recovering from my last encounter with him

Salem: from 147 years ago?

Vilgax: you don't understand his power witch, he's a god among men with that watch, he could snap his fingers and the universe would be gone.

Salem: well, your droids didn't do so good against him and his "god-like" power. Anyone can take out those walking heaps of metal.

Vilgax growled once more, he then reached behind his back and pulled out two capsules filled with liquid. He tossed them at Salem, she caught them and looked at them with a raised brow.

Salem: these?

Vilgax: they have DNA in them, two species and if I'm correct, he doesn't have any aliens to match them. It will be an easy sweep and destroy that kingdom will be nothing but sway of your hand. Now if you excuse me, I individuals to gather.

With that he walked off slamming the doors on his way out. Salem looked down at the two capsules and let out a small hum before getting up and walking away. Leaving Cinder, Watts, Emerald, and Mercury in the room

Mercury: what the hell just happened?


Jaune and Kevin were going up Ozpin's elevator, Jaune letting out a small hum as the music in the elevator played.

Kevin: why couldn't you just fly us up here?

Jaune: hey, I still like to use my human capabilities once in a while.

The elevator dinged and they both looked forward, seeing Ozpin at his desk along with a Galvin next to him, only older.

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