Chapter 14

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I didn't know where to look first. I didn't know which area was the best place to look. Everywhere my eyes turned, I could only see blood and gore.

My chest tightened involuntarily and tears pricked my eyes as they scoured everything that was going on on the other side of the double doors.

The first thing my eyes landed on were the dozen or so Feymon all around the room, large toothy grins on each of their faces and blood dripping from their claw-like hands. Their wings and chests would move up and down every once in a while telling me that they were all joking and laughing among one another.

My eyes then traveled a little ways towards the corner of the room where a couple of them had two bodies face-up on the floor. The two Feymon had their hands deep in the teens' stomachs and their mouths were dripping with saliva that was stained red as they leaned over them and continued their search through the guts of the bodies.

I then turned my eyes to the target range area of the training room and my head spun uneasily. Several teens were pinned by their hands and feet with knives to the targets, and the Feymon stood near the line in which we had used when we were training, with all sorts of guns and knives in their hands as they tried each of them out.

I watched as one of them threw a knife with great speed right at one of the dead teens' heads and it stuck to it with ease. A few of the Feymon's friends all congratulated him with the nice hit and then I forced my eyes to continue on.

They next landed on one of the taller looking Feymon in the middle of the room. His horns were long and spiraled outward and his wings were large and a dark shade. His hair was straight, black, and looked to be around shoulder-length and his eyes were dark, almost sunken into his skull, –as was most of the other Feymon in the room. The only other differences that I noticed of him were the different swirls and patterns across his pale skin and also what looked like a healed scar that ran from the right side of his forehead down to the bottom of his chin.

He wore dark baggy pants that hung low on his hips with a rope used as a belt that held two strange looking daggers with wiggled blades to his sides, and there was also a leather strap across his bare, muscular chest that held a large sword which was resting on his back.

I turned my eyes away from his body and looked back at his scarred face. He looked quite amused as he stared up at the body hanging from the ceiling. I followed his gaze and let out a quiet gasp as my eyes landed on the person.

Lily's red hair was all over the place, but I could still see her face through the tangled mess. Her green eyes were wide and her lips were blue as she hung from one of the climbing ropes. The rope had been wrapped around her neck twice and then tied into place and now she hung there, her limbs limp and her fingertips blue as gravity wanted to pull her down.

I took a step back and turned away from what was going on in there. My eyes remained on the grey floor, but I couldn't get the awful images out of my mind, no matter how hard I tried.

"Did either of you two see Wyatt or Zack in there?" Matteo asked quietly as he looked away from the window.

I shook my head while a small bit of gratitude filled me and I took a deep breath before looking up at the frown on his face. "No, I didn't."

Matteo nodded at me and then looked at Willow with concern. Her face was slack and her eyes were trained on the ground as had my own. She looked ten years older than she had a few hours ago.

"Are you alright?" Matteo asked her, bringing his hand up to the side of her face and using his thumb to gently brush back and forth against her cheek in a reassuring way.

Almost as if she had been snapped out of a trance, she blinked a few times and stood up straighter. She then nodded her head and brought her free hand up to take Matteo's away from her face.

"I'm fine," Willow said, trying to force a smile onto her face. "We should probably get going."

I bit down on the inside of my cheek, but nodded my head. I didn't believe her one bit.

I then glanced down the way we were headed before gesturing in that direction for them to take charge. They both nodded and started walking down the hallway, but at a slower pace than before.

The lights continued their flickering, although it seemed worse the further we got. We passed by the open cafeteria doors to see the place pretty much empty, the only things inside, other than the familiar tables, being some dead bodies scattered around the room and we continued on.

I kept my eyes on the ground in front of me and every once in a while I turned around to make sure we weren't being followed. Thankfully I didn't see anyone or anything in sight that wasn't already there. I then resumed my eyes back onto the ground, staring from one side of the hallway to the other, watching the different blood splatters and hoping that none of them belonged to Zack or Wyatt.

Then suddenly, Matteo and Willow both stopped walking just as we were about to come to the final turn onto which our sleeping areas were located. They both held their weapons up and in the direction of what was at the other side of the hallway, Matteo placing an arrow onto his bow and Willow holding her gun up high.

I stepped around them quietly to get a better look at what was happening and immediately held my breath as my left hand twitched to the other large knife that was on my other side of where I had gotten the first one.

Through the flickering of the lights turning off and on, I could see a Feymon at the end of the hall, kneeling facing away from us as it feasted on someone. Each breath came in shallowly as I took a tentative step forward, wanting to get close enough that I could try to kill it, but Matteo quickly stuck his foot out and hit mine just hard enough that I looked up at him. He shook his head and then looked back at the Feymon as he pulled the arrow back even more.

Then suddenly the light turned off and then turned back on, each turn off twice to three times as long as when it was turned on. I watched with the help of the short burst of light as the tension in the Feymon's shoulders became more prominent. Then slowly in almost cracking motions, it stood back up, still facing away from us.

My breathing picked up and my eyes widened as I waited and prayed that Matteo and Willow would just fire already, but like how I was frozen in fear, they seemed to be as well. The Feymon with long brown hair slowly started to turn around, its mouth wide open and dripping with blood while its clawed hand slowly made its way to the sword resting on its bareback. It was about to take a step towards us when another shape suddenly came from around the corner and smashed the Feymon against the wall.

I immediately jumped, my whole body seeming to have taken a screenshot. The lights were now going crazy and I forced my eyes wide, not wanting to miss whatever was going down right now.

I could only really catch two sets of black wings beating against each other and the walls as the two of them fought. The only thing I could really see that separated the two were their clothes. Both looked to be made out of the same sort of material, but one was made more feminine and the other more masculine.

Matteo and Willow both slowly dropped their weapons down by their sides as they watched, stunned, at what was happening.

Then just as fast as the fight had started, it ended. The Feymon that had been feasting on the teen was now laying on the ground forming a puddle of blood the colour of molasses underneath it, while the one who had come to our aid, pulled their sword out of the chest of the creature sharply.

Just as the sword had been ripped out, the lights stopped its harsh flashing and resumed its normal flickering state and we could finally get an even better view of what lay ahead of us.

The Feymon that stood over her victim turned her sunken eyes away from the body and locked them on all of us, a small smile playing at the edges of her lips.

"You're welcome."

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