C h a p t e r 35

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Y/n pov

I sat down on the bench that was in front of a lake, me and Mattheo had went inside and left Alice with Aurora and Draco hoping they are taking good care of her, and now me and Mattheo are sitting on a bench that is in front of a lake, I rested my head on Mattheo's shoulder and he played with my hair, we didn't speak it was silent and I liked that, this whole night has been giving me a headache being out here felt relieving.

I feel happy knowing I don't have to deal with everyone watching us because we are literally so far away from the house and no one is out here, I hate being the center of attention it gets me nervous and scared but I'm happy Mattheo was here, he makes me happy I won't say that to blaire or aurora because there stupid asses will try and make this a whole game.

"I'm so happy I was asleep all day because right now I would be really tired" I said closing my eyes softly before opening them again, he chuckled "I told u to fall asleep early" he said "what time is it" I asked him he looked at his watched before turning and looking back at me again "it's barely 10:27" he said "ugh and people are still here" I said/asked "yeah surprisingly" he said.

"They are really that invested in our life" I said "yeah they like to see if anything will happen between us in front of them, like a fight they would crave to see us have a little fight" he said I laughed "yeah they would pay to see us fight" I said I blinked my eyes tiredly, "ur tired" he said/asked.

"What type of question is that Mattheo, of course I'm tired" I said rolling my eyes jokingly, I yawned closing my eyes tiredly again letting them stay closed for a while "come on" Mattheo said standing up softly I took my head of his shoulder and he took out his hand for me to grab I took his hand and stood up, we started walking back to the ball and while walking my eyes keep closing and opening shit I'm really tired I thought "dont tell me u would fall asleep right here" Mattheo said as we were walking back I laughed a little and rested my head on his arm, leaning into him.

We walked quietly and I tried to keep my eyes open as long as possible I keep blinking to try and cover up my tired ness but it sadly did not help, "stay awake for a couple more minutes darling, we are almost back inside" Mattheo said, we got back inside and we started to walk up the stairs everyone watching us closely I hate them all I thought while me and Mattheo were walking up the stairs.

We walked the halls of the manor going to our room "never mind I'm not tired" I said stoping and standing in the hall "what" Mattheo said confused "I'm not tired, let's go back" I said turning and walking away "y/n u cant just randomly not be tired" Mattheo said "no I can" I said now running away around the halls "Y/N" he yelled chasing after, I ran around the manor people looked at me weirdly but I have always liked running around at night with someone I love.

I stopped for a second from running did I just think of what I think I just think i just confused myself, i looked behind me seeing Mattheo "why did u run" Mattheo asked walking forward I didn't respond but just thought about what I was thinking "y/n darling" Mattheo spoke up "are u okay" he said coming close to me and wrapping his arms around me "yeah I'm fine I just" I paused "I was just thinking of something" I spoke quietly, I don't understand do I love Mattheo I thought Mattheo looked at me and I realized.

Shit he can hear my thoughts I thought "I forgot I need to ask zayn something" I said smiling and leaving running away almost shit why did I just say Zayn's name, why did I used that excuse to leave, why did I just think of that in front of him, god I'm stupid I thought I walked around the halls trying to think of a reason why I thought of what I thought .

I tried hiding from people but god damn these people where everywhere "darling" I heard the familiar voice while I was walking zayn i thought "what do u want" i said turning around and seeing him standing there smirking at me "I just saw u and well I wondered what happened between u and Mattheo" he said shit Mattheo "we are fine so now leave me alone" I said smiling about to walk off but he grabbed my wrist why does he always do that I thought.

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