saying goodbyes

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"You know it's not the
same as it was...
As it was.."

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I loop my arm with Sprite and say "Come on, let's get you some age appropriate clothes. It is on Kingo's platinum card. Sky's the limit."

She smiles and we head to the shops in London. I watch as she scans the items and it's truly bittersweet. She gets what she wants but I'm going to lose her, eventually. She's growing up.

I toss a jean jacket into her arms and she says "Watch the face." I scoff and say "Wow, now you're really acting like a teenager."

The shopping trip wraps up quickly after I sit and watch her present outfits on. She ended up getting a decent amount of new clothes. I enjoyed swiping Kingo's card for every purchase way too much.

We walk out of the store and I make her carry her own bags. I side eye her and she continues walking as I say "So, miss teenager... you excited?"

She shrugs and says "I suppose." I smile to her and say "How about we get you a phone? hm? So you can keep in contact with me of course."

She smiles and says "Really?" I nod and say "Yeah, of course. I'll put everyone's number in it for you too. You'll be able to talk to whoever you'd like. Priority on me though.."

She nods and I push her into the apple store. They approach us like vultures and quickly we're shown to the most expensive phone in the store.

They try to sell it to us by talking over themselves and I say "We'll take it. Sprite, go pick out your case."

She wanders off and quickly returns with her yellow case. I nod and we pay and leave. Heading back towards Sersi's apartment was bittersweet. We walk in peaceful silence and as we get closer and closer to the apartment Sprite begins to walk slower and slower.

She comes to an abrupt stop a corner before Sersi's apartment building and I turn back towards her. I question "Sprite?"

Looking to me she gives into her sadness and says "I don't want to lose you."

I look at her shocked as she starts to express her sadness with a few tears. I quickly step forward and hug her tightly "You won't lose me. I'll be around. Guaranteed."

She says "okay."

"Now, I don't want to start crying. Let's get you and Kingo out of here. Okay?"

She nods and I continue walking with her. As we approach the building Kingo and Karun lean on the town car waiting. Kingo says "Hello. Hello."

I smile to him and Sprite says "I'm gonna grab my things." She starts to walk away and she shouts "She stole your credit card kingo!"

I gasp and say "You brat!"

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