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Did you hear that correctly?
His tone was deeper than usual.

"Haha! Oh because I'm worried that's all! He did lie to you remember?" Vice laughed off nervously and you looked to the side.

His hand slipped beneath your chin and pulled it back to face him.

"It's rude to look away when someone's talking to you Y/n.." he smiled and you nodded a bit skeptical at his behavior.
"Vice.. what's your last name? Maybe if we find out some more about your background, you'll move on easier" you asked and his eyes widened before chuckling

His cold hand trailed down your body and gripped your thigh making it numb. You let out a noise of discomfort and he smirked.

"Trying to get rid of me so quickly? Am I that annoying? I'm sorry.. I try to be so nice. Here let me feed you"
"V-Vice that's not what I meant!"

He just smiled as he lifted the fork and stabbed it into the cinnamon toast.
He dipped it in the syrup.
"Say ah~"
You opened your mouth and Vice stuffed it inside.
"Is it good?"
You couldn't reply as you chewed it up and swallowed.
"You've got syrup on your face silly.."

Vice used his thumb to wipe your lip.
He licked the syrup off his finger and you gave him a confused look.

"I can't taste it.. but I know it's syrup" he admitted and shoved another toast in your mouth.

It was good and still warm.
Honestly it was one of your favorites but you were more focused on Vices passive aggressiveness.

Could he be jealous?
Do nice spirits even get jealous?
If he keeps building up negative emotions and thoughts, he might turn into a demon.

Vice doesn't have to hide how he truly feels from me.. he doesn't always have to be nice if he isn't..

"So.." he shocked you by whispering in your ear.
"Tell me.. is it better than his food? At least tell me it's better than him sweetheart.."

You pulled back surprised and looked at him with a flustered face.
He gave you an innocent smile.

"What's going on?"

Your head shot over to Caide who was standing at the edge of the kitchen.
His messy brown hair stuck up as his eyes narrowed at you two.

He did not look pleased.

"Why didn't you wake me up? Why aren't you dressed? Do you know what time it is??" he questioned agitated and Vice stepped infront of you.
"You need to chill.."

Caide ignored him.

"Y/n go get dressed"
"Can't you see she's eating?" Vice said more sternly and you decided to jump in before anything happened.
"It's okay.. I'm actually full, thank you Vice" you smiled and put your plate on the counter.

You walked pass Caide and into the bathroom where you finally got dressed.
You put some lipgloss on and when you were finally ready, you walked out.

"You look so pretty~" Vice complimented.
"Thank you.." you smiled and Caide rolled his eyes. "Caide I have a question.."

"Huh?" you replied and Caide walked up to you.
"If I tell you one more time to stop referring to me by my name.. we're gonna have some problems" he spat rudely and you furrowed your brow at him.
"What is wrong with you?! Can't you stop being a little!"
"Little what? Hurry up wasting my time, what's the question?"

You let out a heavy sigh.

"You said you could detect if a demon was disguised as a human, but could you tell if the demon was wearing blessed beads that wouldn't let you know?" You asked and he was a little surprised at your question.
"That's a smart question sweetheart~" Vice gassed you up.
"Well.. I guess not but there's no way for a demon to get a pair of blessed beads unless it's from me" Caide stated.
"But what if it was from another shaman?"
"There isn't another shaman around here for miles, so that's not possible"

No shaman for miles..

"Come on sweetheart, we don't want to be late for school~" Vice pressed again as you got use to the nickname.
"Sweetheart?" Caide said disgusted and you ignored him.

He grabbed your arm, stopping you.

"Y/n, I'll go kill those two demons. Sadly, I have to leave you in the hands of Vice to protect you from any other entities that may have been attracted. I'll try to be back by tonight and bless the house.." Caide said and you nodded.

"Let's go already!!!"


You finally made it to school after all of Vices bugging.

Your chin rested in your palm as you looked out the window. Students flooded in class and soon Mr. Lance began teaching.

Half way through the lecture, Vice began playing with your hair.

"Vice.." you mumbled and he laughed.

"Sorry I'm late!!"
Lila came through the door in a rush and the teacher excused her as she sat in an empty desk.
"You're fine.. now who can answer this question?"

"Vice I said don't talk to me in class" you whispered scolding him and he frowned.
"Don't get mad at me please sweetheart, I just have to tell you something.."

"Y/n.. seems you have a lot to say, can you answer this problem?"

You looked up and had no idea what the answer was.
"Um.." you looked at Vice and he went over to the board.
"I'm waiting.." Mr. Lance reminded impatient and Vice told you the answer was 1984.
"1984" you answered and Mr. Lance smiled.
"That's wrong.. seems you're distracted"

You groaned annoyed and Vice gave the teacher a weird look.

"That's not true! The answer is 1984.. I remember it from.." he trailed off and went back over to your seat, "Y/n I have to tell you something"
"What is it? Can't you wait until after??"
"There's a demon in the classroom.. I can sense it" Vice told you and your eyes widened a bit.
"Well who is it??" you whispered and students began looking at you.
"I can't tell with everyone in here.."


"Y/n that's the second time.. stay after class"


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