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"Yumi," Yerin called out the name of the other girl who also lived in the house with her.

Yumi, who was sitting on the other side of the bedroom, quickly looked up at the other girl. "What is it?" She asked.

"Shall we try to escape again and try to get outside?" Yerin came up with a suggestion as she tilted her head slightly. "You see, I really, really want to see daylight again, I really want to see other people again, and I want-

"I want that too," Yumi interrupted Yerin as she got up from the chair she was sitting on and walked over to Yerin, who was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall.

Escape, great idea. But, how?

Last time the girls had attempted an escape, everything failed. Nothing went according to plan and they both subsequently ended up in a trap, causing the alarm of the house to go off and immediately waking up the two boys they live with.

When the alarm goes off, you already know you're fucked and are going to get screwed. And as expected, the girls were caught by the boys and beaten up in no time.

So now it's a matter of making a perfect plan and making sure everything goes smoothly. The only problem is that the boys are always coming after the girls after the very first attempt of escaping this house and giving them almost no privacy.

This is going to be a long and a hugely difficult project to execute.

Yumi sat down on the floor next to Yerin once she reached her and laid her head on Yerin's shoulder. "I want to go back to my family."

Yerin sighed and looked at the floor. "Me too," She replied softly. "I wonder if they remembered me at all or if they have long forgotten me."

"I wonder that too," The youngest girl agreed and removed her head from Yerin's shoulder to sit up straight again. "Let's make a plan and escape from this hell here to go back to our families."

Yumi turned her head to look at Yerin. Yerin turned her head to her as well and both made eye contact for a few seconds. Yerin slowly nodded up and down.

"And you can finally return to your lover, Sunghoon," Yumi smiled.



"Next week there is an important meeting between the two boys and their boss. Of course, the boys won't leave us at home alone. They are taking us with them. We will most likely be put in the car blindfolded and only when we get to the meeting will it be taken off.

At the meeting, there are a lot of people there. Besides the guys who live with us and their boss, there are more of these henchmen. Probably there are even more girls.

You have to go pretend to drink wine or beer or whatever, as long as it is alcohol free and you can still think and function properly. You pretend to be drunk and go to the restrooms to vomit. I will go with you to help you.

Instead of actually going to the restroom, we go to the vent right next to the restrooms and crawl out through there. I don't care if you have claustrophobia or something, we're going to escape either way.

The vent leads to the back of the building. There is no guard there, since there are containers there next to a busy road. We run across that street and figure out where we are. Once we've done that, we take the first bus we find that can take us back to the city we came from.

This whole plan may be a massive hassle, but this has to work and cannot go wrong! Understand?"

Yerin looked up at Yumi in disbelief. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened. How the fuck did she come up with an entire plan and get all this information in two days?

"Is it... Is it unclearly explained?" Yumi asked uncertainly when Yerin didn't answer her question. "After all, if that's the case I'll make a slightly clearer plan and make sure that-"

"No, no! It's fine. It's clear to me," Yerin spoke as she quickly shook her head back and forth to give Yumi a sign that she understood the plan.

Yumi her lips formed a smile. "Great! I can't wait to escape," She giggled.

Yerin played with her fingers in restlessness. She was quite anxious. She was sure it wouldn't turn out well, just like last time.

After all, a good strategy had also been invented for the first plan, yet everything failed completely and became one big mess.

Someone would get hurt 100% of the time when carrying out this plan.

"So this is all happening next week?" Yerin asked.

Yumi nodded up and down a few times. "Correct," She determined.

"Are you sure this plan is going to work?"


"Are you sure this plan is safe?"


"Are you sure we won't die?"

"How many strange questions you ask, Yerin!" Yumi didn't answer the girl's question across from her this time and playfully slapped her on the shoulder. "Of course we're not going to die! Are you kidding?"

Yerin shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows?"

"Ah, don't be stupid!" Yumi giggled. "Everything is definitely going to be fine. I promise. This plan of mine is great and must work! There's no way this can go wrong."


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