The Quick Introduction

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  I see you there, curious reader. Saph here. Welcome to a collection of reader requested fanfics, chosen by people like you. Now in case the book title or description confused you, I found a quick definition online that sums up what this book is going to be about.

 - From popular aesthetics like "cottagecore" to the lesser-known "wormcore," core aesthetics refer to the fashion trend of centering one's style around a specific feature. Hundreds of styles fit into the category of core aesthetics, and they often stem from music, culture and history.

 So yeah, basically the "'core aesthetic" stuff you like mixed with your favorite characters, all blended into custom stories where the reader embodies your 'core pick. If the way I write these doesn't vibe with you then I must apologize in advance for I'm trekking into unknown and slightly confusing territory.

 Now just because you're allowed to make requests doesn't mean I'm writing zesty lemons and smutfics. I'm not into writing that stuff anymore; burnt out that style of writing in high school so many years ago. These are innocent one page stories based around simple things. You're welcome to make multiple requests, but please don't get demanding with how often I should be writing these. I only ever write when it's raining out, so don't be surprised if it takes me months to crank out your requests. It's the same thing with my other book. Rainy days are the most inspirational for me. Don't think I won't have your book queued up in the drafts section, though. I'm not ignoring your asks, yknow.

 Now requests will be titled as whatever the 'core is you wanted me to write with the character you wanted in the book. Makes it easier for you to find what you wanna read. I'll write about ANY fandom you want so long as it's a clean request. You'll also be credited in the pre-book intro because that's only fair, right? But please NO HATING ON ANYONE OR THEIR REQUESTS!!! This is a place for people to feel comfortable asking for things. Besides, we ALL have weird interests, DON'T TELL ME YOU DON'T I HIGHLY DOUBT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR INTERESTS AREN'T WEIRD IN SOME WAY!!! I do. I'm totally fine with admitting that.

 Anyway, I digress. I do hope that these stories live up to some ounce of your expectations. I'll try my best to get them done when I can, but please don't rush me I'm stressed enough as is... *sigh* I'll be ok, don't worry about me. Gods I hope these stories turn out ok... I've got two books to write now and neither of them may ever end...

 So what are you waiting for? Drop a request in the comment section if you'd like. Heck make the request as weird as the interest if you want. Do clashing ideas for all I care. Take the most wholesome 'core you can think of and combine it with the most outrageous fandom you enjoy, I'll get around to writing it eventually! Oh and if today is your birthday then Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a good day today and if you don't then I hope the stories make you forget the sadge. Sending health, happiness, luck, and endless creativity to you all. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come and read a story or two.

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