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"Y/n that's the second time.. stay after class"


Fuck.. that's not good.

"Y/n.." Lila called your name from behind, "Why do you keep talking to yourself??"
"Lila! Can you wait outside the door for me after class? I don't trust Mr. Lance"
"Ohhhh why not? Like he's a pervert? I mean he's a hot pervert soooo" Lila trailed off with a mischievous smile.
"Okay fine fine, I'll wait outside the classroom door"


The bell rang and everyone began leaving class.
You gave Vice a worried look.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'd never let anything bad happen to you"

That's not reassuring..

Soon it was just you and Mr. Lance in the classroom.
With the exception of Vice of course.

Mr. Lance was looking down at a book with his legs crossed. He was tapping his desk with his right hand.
The sound of his fingers made you all the more anxious as you waited for him to speak.

Suddenly, he stopped and looked up at you slowly.
He changed his seating position as he sat with his legs open and his elbow on the rest. His fingers wrapped around his chin as he narrowed his eyes at you.

"You haven't been paying attention in my class, I noticed you missed one day, and you were hanging around school after hours with some boy.. mind telling me if somethings going on?" He called you out and you began to get nervous.
"Just.. a weird week you know?" you laughed a bit but his stern expression stayed.

His long black hair was kept back behind his shoulders. His jaw line was sharp as his dark eye looked up at yours doubtful.

Shit he's hot.. I'll just make up an excuse and leave.

"I've just been having a little sickness that's all.."

You almost slapped yourself at the dumb excuse.
Mr. Lance laughed and pushed his hips forward before standing up. You looked at Vice who was already alert.

"You don't have to lie to me.." Mr. Lance told you with a chuckle and you took a step back.

"That demon is definitely close by.." Vice said and you started wondering what strength Vice had.

He's cracked windows before but other than that.. what else could he do?

The teacher reached in his drawer and pulled out a sucker. He opened it and stuck it in your mouth.

"Just get some rest and come to school prepared tomorrow okay?"
"Huh??" You let out with a mouth full.
"Don't look so surprised.. I'm not gonna eat you.." he said suspiciously and you took your chance to leave. "See you tomorrow, have your homework done!!"
"Bye.." you mumbled and walked out the door.

"What he gave you candy?! Lucky!! I want his sucker!!" Lila pouted and you facepalmed.
"Shut up.. let's leave" you laughed.
"Wait I forgot my purse in the other classroom!!" She groaned and you sighed.
"Let's go get it then.."


You and Lila walked down the hall and Vice tapped your shoulder.

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