Chapter 21- The countdown begins

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Quote of the day: “He wasn't just a star to me, He was my whole damn sky”

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MUMBAI- City of dreams.

Hritika POV

Now bride and groom stand up for phera (Seven vows in Hindu marriage) !!” The priests said to me and the groom, while a outstretched hand come infront of me.

Looking besides me, my gaze fall on the owner of the hand-- Siddharth in a full indian groom attire. We were looking ecstatic.

Wow!. It's so good to be true!!

We started taking our seven vows while gazing in eachother eyes and I could feel our every vows in my deep bone.



I cursed the person in my mind who didn't had slightest bit good manners that he should not interrupt at the time of Sath phere.

Earth started shaking, Just as Siddharth was about to put vermillion in my partition.


“Earthquake!! Earthquake!!” I screamed while squeezing my eyes shut.

“Didddu, Diddduu You are dreaming!!”

I opened my eyes to see villain of my story screaming his heart out aka Hredhaan.

“What lilliput why did you disturbed my beautiful dream!?” I asked annoyed.

“WHAT LILLIPUT!? Didu, don't you know I have the height of above average!!” he exclaimed offended ignoring my question as he moved his both hands towards his body from top to bottom.

“Lol chipmunk haven't you heard actor Lilliput height is same as you!!” I remarked irritated.

“Well Haven't you heard? All of the best things comes in small packages!!” My chipmunk adorably smart comeback and I was stunned for a moment.

“Aww my chipmunk is getting smart!!” I praised him while kissing his cheeks and he raised his chin proudly as I could see his invisible proud raised nose.

“Btw didu he’s 3'5" and I'm 3'9" so it's not same!!” He said cutely, urgh male and their ego, then I noticed we had already reached airport.

The Airport was hustling and bustling with many passengers coming and many other leaving.  Taxi and cabs are lined up with constant movement of some of them with or without passenger inside it.

Our bodyguard had already opened the car door who were trying to contain their smile seeing our cute banter but was failing miserably.

As I step out of my car while holding my ethnic lehenga with one hand Suddenly a loud sound roared in the sky. Looking up, my gaze fall on the plane. It's looks like a private plane.


The bold letters caught my eyes like a deja vu
But I brushed off my thoughts thinking it as my illusion.

“Didu what happened let's go fast! Mama's flight has already landed 25 minutes ago!!”

“Nothing chipmunk let's go!!”

After clearing the security check, We walked to the arrival area to the receive my maternal uncle's family as today is haldi of my Bua, my father adopted sister. Suddenly I feel a bizarre sensation as if HE was near me, very near, like just behind me.

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