Birth of Genesis

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After we arrived at her palace, she then sat on her throne and she officially welcomed me

Then, I began to discuss to her about the situation outside hell

"Hmm, well, it is indeed a grave matter that concerns Gaia as well as the rule of the gods"

"Yes, it will completely change the entire structure of existence"

I said to her and continued

"I know that you are always neutral about every situation, even if it threatens your life, but this is getting out of hand, and 'she' might intervene"

I said as I emphasized the she part

Then, she suddenly had a dire and angered expression on her face, after that, I suddenly felt a huge pressure on me which I found very difficult to resist, even though I already have power that surpasses a primordial

"Don't you dare to even mention 'her' in front of me again!!!"

She yelled at me and the force suddenly increased, it was as if I was carrying a whole world, no, a whole solar system on my body

"Y-yes, f-forg-give me, f-for mentioning her in f-front of you"

I said as I struggled to even move my mouth and after that, she seemed to calm down and the unbearable pressure started to disappear

"Don't think that I will let it go next time"

She said, I can't believe that cute woman from earlier was the same woman in front of me now

I then stood up and looked at her, waiting for her response to my plea for help

"I will not participate in this war"

She said sternly


Before I could even speak, I was cut off by her

"However, I shall give you advice on how to deal with your opponent"

She said

"I am mightier than God, I am more evil than the malefic darkness, the poor have me and the rich need me, if you eat me, you will starve. Now, answer this riddle"

She said

I can't believe she knew this riddle, this riddle was a famous riddle back in my past life, it was one of my favorites

I was confused as to why she would mention a riddle now but I quickly answered her

"The answer is nothing. Nothing is mightier than God, nothing is more evil than the malefic darkness. The poor have nothing and the rich need nothing. If you eat nothing, you will starve"

I answered

"Precisely, nothing is needed"

I was confused as to what she meant and asked her about what she meant and she just told me

"You must figure this out by yourself, if you were provided help from this advice I have given you, the reward for finding the meaning will be useless"

It made me even more frustrated since there was little time before the war, even though I have a secret weapon against my grandfather, it is not sure whether the weapon will be made in time or that it could affect him, after all, he might have become stronger from the time he was not present

After that, I went my way and collected the materials needed for the weapon

The materials needed were black diamond, hellstone, divine water, which were all relatively easy to obtain

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