"She grew up, none of us were here to see it."

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"Where are you going to go?" Nat asked, securing her batons on her back while I remained strapped into the Quinjet.

"Bruce said that some of the asgardians got away before Thanos wiped them out. I'm going to find them if I can. Maybe even start a new life for myself." I smiled, wrapping my arms around me to fight the cold air of Edinburgh that bled through the open door. We were parked out the back of the train station, hoping to catch Wanda before boarding her scheduled train.

I don't know how I will stomach it. Last time I saw my sister, I was still naive. I hadn't yet made my first intended kill. I hadn't yet found out that I wasn't a Maximoff. How the hell am I supposed to tell her.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Steve asked, leaning against the wall whilst his other hand acted as a wall for Nat's foot as she tightened the straps and laces on her boots.

I sighed, leaving back and closing my eyes. "How the hell am I supposed to tell her everything. I'm not the person I was before. It's going to piss her off." I rubbed my eyes with the heels of my palms and laughed slightly.

"What?" Steve asked, helping to make sure the batons strapped over Nat's back her secure. Even after all these years of nothing happening, I still believe those two would make one heck of a couple.

"I think that I didn't believe any of it. I still don't. We're about to go grab my adopted sister, who by the way has some telekinesis type shit, to avoid getting our asses kicked by a purple alien with a chin the size of Jupiter. This is all a bull-shit fever dream." I look up, seeing all three of them staring at me, amused by my outburst. "I'm about to kick all three of you into next week if you don't drop the looks." I grumbled, earning a laugh from all of them.

The sound of glass shattering rang out from the station. And expressions turned deadly serious. "Kat you sure you want to stay here?" I nodded. I was to be the getaway pilot if shit hit the fan. I've never even flown the jet, but I just need to get it in the air for long enough for one of the three to take over.

Out of habit, I fiddled with the blade of the dagger that was usually kept in my boot. It was an old dagger of Wong's that he gave to me once I began training again. Despite his grumpiness, I see Wong as a friend.

Wanda's POV:

Every inch of my body burned as we crashed down on the station floor. I gripped Vision just as we plummeted into a railing, causing my ribs to cry out and likely bruise.

This shit is fucked up.

Standing up sickly, I rushed over to Vision who was still doubled over on the tile floor. "Come on. Come on, you gotta get up." I held onto his arm, just as he collapsed back down, his circuits flaring and pulsing gold throughout his body. "You gotta get up. Come on, hey. We have to go." I urged him to move, but he looked at me, examining the cut that was throbbing above my eyebrow.

"Please, please leave." He begged, caressing my face. Emotion swelled in me, causing my stomach to turn to lead and for my power to burn under my skin and within my bones.

"You asked me to stay. I'm staying."

Behind me, the alien woman leaped down through the glass ceiling, causing shards to rain down around her. To the right of her, the male alien did the same.

I stood up, blocking Vision from their target line. My power roared to life, spinning crimson tendrils around my fingers and balling in my fists. Their hissing mixed with the sound of an incoming train.

The female's focus shifted behind me, in the direction of the moving train. Following her line of sight, I could see a dark figure standing on the opposite platform.

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