Chapter 1 • Rosa

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

Wrapping my arms around my naked body as I tried to warm myself up from the coldness of the dark basement, the darkness is what I fear the most but my so-called husband seemed to enjoy seeing me tortured.

My husband, Matteo, is a famous businessman who's known to sign a lot of deals with multiple Mafias, and let me tell you that I'm the victim in this whole game. Matteo and I have known each other since high school, we were always in the same class and to be honest I didn't even notice him since I was living the best days of my whole fucking life, with my cuore.
( cuore: heart )

Sebastian Carlos Knight has been always my first and last love, until the day I die he will always be my cuore. I left him, yes I fucking left him.

I was forced to, it was all Matteo's doing, he was planning everything, waiting for the right moment to just get me and make my life a leaving hell.

But I'm okay with this long as my Seb is happy and safe from what would have happened to him if I didn't break up with him and go with Matteo.

What makes me feel this horrible pain in my chest is remembering my cuore eyes that day, the day that Matteo forced me to break up with Sebastian in the most horrible way possible.

I miss him, I miss him so much. I don't even know if he is okay or not, all I want to know is if he is okay and that he is out there enjoying his life and moving on from me.

I want-need him to forget about me because if we met somewhere in the future I don't want his life to change, if he was married or has someone then I want him to stay with whoever are they, I want him to be happy, and he won't with someone so broken and depressed like me. He deserves someone better.

The sound of my cell door opening rocks me as I buried myself deeper into the dark corner, I couldn't see who entered due to the darkness but I know it was Mateo since him and I are the only ones who live here.

"Sleep well?" Matteo asks as he switched the light with a remote control in his hand, my eyes squeezed shut because of the sudden bright light before I opened them back slowly, "Say whatever you want and get out of here" I spat coving my naked body from his eyes.

"I'm hungry, I want you to cook for me dinner" he demands and I scoff rolling my eyes, "Tell Gianna to do it, she is your girlfriend, right?" I asked glaring at him, what can I do? I can't keep my mouth shut, I would never be weak in front of him.

And yes, Matteo has a girlfriend named Gianna. No, I'm not mad that he has a girlfriend I'm happy he does because I want him to stay away from me, I want him to stop touching me.

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