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"I should've been there today.."


"Hm?" you looked up.
"Damn it Y/n! You could've died.. while I was killing those other demons, I should've been worried about the ones hiding.." he sighed and you didn't know what to say, "I mean.. a demon was the thing that saved you from dying! It's a surprise he didn't eat you!"
"Caide calm down"
"No I won't calm down!! Vice had one job!"
"Don't blame this on Vice! I broke his beads by mistake!" you yelled and he scoffed.

"Actually Caide I've been thinking.."

He looked up at you curiously.

"Is there anyway to reverse the spirit wife thing? You know.. so I'm not a charmer?" you asked and immediately regretted it as a smirk formed on his face.
"What~? You don't like your other half husband?"
"W-What!? No I never said that!"
"So you admit I'm a better husband than him~?" He teased and you rolled your eyes as you stood up.
"No you're not.. Vice is sweeter and I like him better"

Caide took your bowls and handed you an extra toothbrush.

You gave him a look.

"You planned for me to stay the night.. didn't you?"

His face heated and the iconic expression of anger appeared on his face.

"If you don't want to brush your teeth then by all means do so! It already looks like you don't.."

You rolled your eyes and went to the bathroom to brush your teeth.
Before you could cut the sink on, Caide knocked on the door.

"I need to brush my teeth to you know.."
"Wait your turn.." you said with a smile and could hear him scoff behind the door.


You're eyes widened a bit as he said please softly. You slowly opened the door and he was just leaning against the frame.

"I'm tired.." he said and you nodded.

You both began brushing your teeth and of course Caide had something to say about that aswell.

"You're doing it wrong!" he told you with his toothbrush still in his mouth.
"What are you talking about?? I've been doing this forever!" you refuted and he put his toothbrush down after spitting out the paste.

"Well then you've been doing it wrong forever.."

Your face flushed as he took your hand and began brushing your teeth.

"Caide!" you tried to say but of course it was muffled.
"Be quiet before you choke.."

You both looked in the mirror as he glided the bristles of the brush slowly in your mouth.
He looked so focused as he brushed your teeth with his hand over yours.

"Stick your tongue out"

You gave him a look and he rolled his eyes.

"Just do it"

You did as told since he wouldn't let go anytime soon. You stayed still as you let him brush your tongue.

"Okay, spit it out"

You were just happy he was done as you spit out the toothpaste.

"That's exactly what I just did Caide" you rolled your eyes and he walked out the bathroom.
"No it wasn't.."


Caide laid out two mats and you got under your blankets.

The light was off and the moonlight shined in through the window.

"Hey.. what you asked earlier. The only way to get rid of the charmers curse is for your spirit husband to move on. In other words, Vice needs to pass on into the next life.." Caide stated as he laid on his back looking at the ceiling.
"Alright.. how?"
"Well, I was thinking maybe it had something to do with his death. That's usual how most spirits move on, after getting clarity.."
"Oh I know!"

You sat up a bit excited.

"Mr. Lance.. or Damon, remember the teacher who saved me? I'm sure he can give us some school records of Vice if I ask!" you smiled and Caide chuckled.
"Alright.. we'll check it out tomorrow"
"What about Vices beads?"

Caide stayed quiet.

"I'll fix them"
"Why'd you hesitate?" You asked but he didn't respond. Instead he just turned over.

You laid down and looked out at the window.

For some reason.. you couldn't stop thinking about Caide.
Even when he was brushing your teeth annoyingly you got a weird feeling. Plus, earlier when you both were in the water.. and then when he held you in his sleep.

You realized your heartbeat had picked up and you looked over at him under his covers. Usually you might tease him a bit.. but even when he said please nicely earlier it made you feel some type of way.

"Yes?" he responded sleepily as if he knew you would call him.

He's nicer when he is sleepy.. so, it wouldn't hurt to ask to sleep beside him? Ugh.. why do I even want to sleep beside this jerk..

Just for safety of course!

Before you could even ask he cut you off.

"Come here"

Your eyes widened and heart jumped at his command. You crawled over towards him and he scooped you in his arms. His hand pressed on your waist for comfort and his face leaned into your neck.

"Now go to sleep.." he mumbled sleepily and you smiled anxious.



You woke up and Caide wasn't there.

Before you could process, your uniform and underclothes from yesterday were being thrown in your face.

"Get ready" Caide said already dressed and you turned back around.
"I think I'm gonna skip today.."
"No you're not! Get up!" Caide dragged you from beneath the covers but you were dead set on staying home.

First, your teacher wants to eat you.
Second, your bestfriend is dead and you haven't even had the time to mourn her. And thirdly, with Vices beads being broke, who will protect you at school?

Not to mention you were tired and just didn't want to go.

"Please Caide.." you groaned and tried to crawl back to the mat.


Your face heated as you sat up and brought your legs closer to your chest.

"C-Caide?! Did you just hit my butt!!?" you yelled flustered as he stood above you calmly.
"Yes, I did.. now get up let's go"
"W-What?! You don't do that to girls!!" You yelled and he gave you a look.

"I used to get smacked on the bottom all the time when I was little and didn't listen.." he lectured and you bit your lip.
"You stupid shaman! Stop playing innocent, you know it's different now!!" You yelled covering your butt and he began laughing.

"What? You must've liked it~ Now get up and let's go now"

Caides getting a lot of screen time

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