『 Chapter ☆ 8: Morning With The Ladies 』

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Italic = Flashbacks, words characters say to themselves in their heads uses " ", used to put emphasis on words in normal font. Can also be someone telling a story in not in the present if accompanied by these: 『 』

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(Y/n)'s POV

The next morning the sun greets me pleasantly as if the troublesome matters of yesterday had never occurred. Turning towards my right, I see a mess of limbs that I eventually recognize as Mondstadt's resident outrider. The brunette's arms and legs are sticking out of the scrunched covers of her bed at the most peculiar of angles as she clutches tightly onto one of her handmade baron bunnies. Holding back an amused chuckle, I gently prod the golden eyed female who groggily seats at my outstretched hand.
"J-just a few more min-uts." She mumbles sleepily before turning her body away from my direction. Exhaling, I move towards the modest desk in the corner before jotting down a quick explanation of where she can find me. Yesterday when Aether and I returned from Angel's Share, Amber had exclaimed quite animatedly how the two of us were going to share a picnic lunch together as I recall the events of yesterday evening.


"(Y/n) would you like to go on a picnic?" The outrider asks as she gently grasps both of my hands. I recall the sparkle in her eyes to be reminiscent of the look children give after they get a new toy when passing people on the streets.
"Hmm a picnic you say? I would be honoured to." I reply. "Though I must prepare something to bring." I muse as my mind begins to formulate a plan of all the things I can take with me for our afternoon outing.
"Nonsense! I'm the one who invited you so don't you worry about a thing. I'm the one who wants to get to know you better so let me do at least this." She scolds.
"Very well, what do you require of me?" I ask politely.
"Absolutely nothing. As long as you meet me at the gates by noon, we'll be all set." The brunette replies as she tucks herself under her covers.


Looking back, the sincerity in the shorter girl is what makes me want to get to know her even more. In a world where people hide their true feelings for one reason or another, finding someone who can be so honest is quite rare indeed and dare I say, a breath of fresh air.

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