20| Curious

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The daddies are talking in my daddy's office, and the littles are all playing on the floor

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The daddies are talking in my daddy's office, and the littles are all playing on the floor. Alice and her Master Jesse are even here! I like that Alice is getting involved with us.

I had a bulky sweater on with just a shirt and diaper on underneath, and I was beginning to get warm so I crawled over to daddy and tugged on his pant leg.

"Hi Sof." Paul smiled down at me warmly, I smiled back through my paci. "God, she's adorable, Tate." He's so nice.

"What's wrong, baby?" Daddy asked me. I whined a little and tugged at my sweater. Well, it's actually daddy's. And so is the shirt. It's a warm day today and daddy didn't make me wear anything over my diaper.

"She's seems to be non verbal a lot lately." Paul pointed out.

"I think she's now allowing herself to actually fully regress now. She's getting more comfortable." Daddy said as he took off the sweater, then fixed the shirt.

He picked me up and pulled me onto his lap. I leaned my back against his chest, his arms around my waist and cuddled me into him. He's so warm.

"I got myself a little baby." He cooed and placed a big, wet kiss on my cheek.

As I giggled, my paci dropped out of my mouth and I couldn't catch it.

Daddy leaned to the side, but didn't give it back to me, he put it on his desk. "No- I want that." I whined.

"It's dirty. You can't put it in your mouth." He said. I pouted and sulked against him.

"So, little one, how has your riding been?" Chris asked.

When daddy noticed I didn't want to speak, he spoke for me. "She hasn't been on yet. Her ankle has finally gone back to normal with no soreness, she'll be in soon. Right princess?" I nodded yes eagerly.

Alice wandered over to us, sitting down on the ground and I joined her.

"You have a collar! Like me!" She gasped, all the men looked down at us.

"My daddy got it for me." I said as my cheeks flushed red. "I really like it."

"I like it too." She said. I noticed she had a different once in today, and she noticed. "I have multiple." I just nodded. It makes sense though. "What's it like to wear diapers?"

"Surprisingly comfy." I said with a smile.

"How do they work? I mean, I know how they work, but... how?"

"Looks like your pup is curious, Jesse." Daddy said. Both mine and Alice's cheeks burned red.

"Always a curious little girl, that one." Jesse said with a light smile.

"Why don't know we show her?" Daddy asked, he was bent forward, his hand was in my diaper, seeing how it was heavy. Full.

Uh oh.

"I think that's a great idea, Tate." Jesse said. He pulled his pup back between his legs. Alice sat on her knees as he watched my daddy get down on the ground with me.

The other daddies stood there with grins, knowing what daddy was going to do.

Daddy turned me so Alice would be able to get a clear view of me, then grabbed my diaper bag from under his desk and opened it.

"Paci." I whimpered, reaching up to him.

He grabbed my paci from the desk and opened up the wipes, then cleaned off the rubber part and slipped it into my mouth.

I muffled a thanks back to him.

"Okay puppy, pay attention." I heard Jesse say.

Daddy untaped my diaper and pulled it away from me, leaving my completely naked on my bottom. "My little girl only goes number one in her diaper, but she still fills it pretty well." Daddy said.

I whined and rolled my head to the side, trying to hide my blush, but just saw Paul looking down at me.

In an instant, I clamped legs closed and squirmed back. Daddy's changing me in front of everyone else!

A loud slap rang through the air as my thigh stung where daddy just struck me. "Is she allowed to do that?" Alice whispered.

"Why don't you tell her, princess." Daddy said as he grabbed the wipes again.

I shook my head no slowly.

Alice crawled over to daddy and sat down next to him to see what he was doing to me.

Daddy pulled out a wipe then began to wipe down my thighs. Alice stared down at me to see him moving his hand through my folds and at the crease where my thigh and goodies meet.

"Can you pass me her diaper, Alice?" Daddy asked kindly.

Alice nodded yes and leaned forward, grabbing the diaper, looked it over, then gave it to daddy.

"Lift your hips, baby." Daddy instructed and I did as told. He slid the diaper under me, then grabbed the  baby powder. I like watching daddy as he works on me.

"What's that?" Alice asked him.

"This is baby powder, it's so my little girl doesn't get a rash on her cunny." Daddy explained.

"Would it hurt if she did?"

"It would just be a tad bit uncomfortable." He shrugged. She nodded.

He puffed some powder onto my kitty, then spread it around with his finger tips, adding a little tap on my clit. He taped up my diaper, then patted it to let me know he was done.

Daddy got up but I stayed on my knees, sitting back and looking up at him.

"I want that, Sir." Alice said.

That's a good choice. I love them.

"Daddy, I needa go." Cece said after walking up to us.

"Okay, c'mon baby." Jeff grabbed Cece and lifted her up, then carried her out of the room.

"Okay, what are we doing for his birthday?" Chris asked.

"He's not one for big surprises." Sean said.

"Beer and pizza?" Dion asked.

"Beer and pizza." Chris said.

Daddy pulled me onto his lap, but I was facing him, not everyone else. "Are you going?" I asked him.

"Of course." He said.

"Oh." I whispered. What am I supposed to do a night alone? I haven't done that in forever. Daddy and Duke are always with me.

"Why?" He asked. I just shrugged and looked down, playing with his shirt a little. "Sof." He said with a little smile.

"I don't wanna be alone." I whispered.

"Why would you be alone?"

"You would be at Jeff's."

"And you would come with me silly girl."

"Really?!" I gasped with a little bounce.

"Really." He chuckled.


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