chapter fifty-five

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i'm back guys!! i just want to say thank you all so much for your love and support, you are all far too kind and i love you all so much <3 expect new updates  soon and trust me, you are gonna want to see what's to come ;)             - author

jungkook pov

we frantically turn to one another, hoping someone has a plan of what we can do or at the very least any idea where the zombie was

jin-"two of us should focus on getting this shit back to the car while the other two focus on making sure we don't get hit by one of them" he hastily whispered

hobi-"i dibs the shopping cart duty" he whispered back

tae-"me and jungkook will guard you guys"


jin checked the coast was clear and we began to head out

but just like always

it doesn't exactly go to plan

tae-"oh crap" he muttered while grabbing a piece of metal pipe that have already been broken from its place in the wall and ushering jin and j-hope to hurry up and get back to the car

a piece of wood was placed into my hand as tae calmly shoved my arm before warning "there is some down there"

and just like that, we headed over to them

we couldn't have our favourite shop be zombie ridden now could we?

there were about three of them that we could see

tae was glaring at the one most to the left so i gathered that he was planning on killing that one first so i went to the right

they sluggishly crawled over, scraping their twisted fragmented arms and legs across the floor over too us, leaving a horrific trail of dark blood behind them that oozed out of their shredded skin

swinging the piece of wood i had acquired as though it was a sword, i headed over to my target

it's dark eyes bore into mine with utmost longing, it wanted me dead

but unfortunately for that disgusting creature, i wasn't planning on letting that happen so easily

it's deformed hands dragged it towards me as it lowly groaned out, as if summoning me closer

with one swift movement, i cracked its skull open, creating a spatters red masterpiece on the wall

relentlessly, i hit the creatures decomposing brain, ensuring that there was no chance of it surviving by the end of this

after a minute or two, i stepped back smiling too myself, knowing it was dead - well i mean it was kind of dead anyway but now it was definitely dead dead

blood dashed across my face as tae finished off his second target with a violent hit from the metal pole he has grabbed

me-"well thanks a lot for that" i sarcastically thanked, clearly enthusiastic about the zombie blood that decorated my face, to which tae -being tae- just did a little smile at me before we began to head towards the other boys who by now should have reached the car

thankfully, they hadn't daudled so me and tae were able to catch up to them just as they finished unloading the last trolley (hobi's party trolley) into the van

jin-"all good?" he questions while turning to us

tae-"yeah" he says, slightly out of breath

hobi-"we should probably set off home now as it could get dark soon"

me-"yeah and if there was a couple zombies then there are bound to be a few more around the area so it's probably quite unsafe to be here"

with that, we all agree and everyone gets into the van, jin driving, hobi next to him, me and tae in the back

tae-"we got quite a good load today don't you think?" he asks, making me smile

me-"we really did. i don't know how namjoon, actually wait more like yoongi will react to us returning home with a plethora of party items"

tae-"if there is a god then he really needs to be on our side as we return home" he jokes causing us to laugh

i began to settle in to my spot to take a bit of rest after the long day

so much has happened in so little time

if you had asked a younger me what i thought my life would be like when i got older, i can assure you that it isn't like this

tae-"did you hear that?" he questions, panic evident in his voice

i stop my thinking and listen out, now alerted to the sound

at first i didn't hear anything, but unfortunately, as always, there was a noise

our luck is impeccable

the drawn out shrill coming from the engine

it's low pitched grumble immediately told us something, the van wasn't thriving to say the least

jin-"um guys, the van isn't working very well"

tae-"we can tell" he mutters under his breath

hobi-"should we just see if we can get home and then fix it once we get back?" he questions to which i am about to agree

however, as if on cue, the van abruptly halts causing us all to jolt forward, nearly breaking our noses in the first place

jin-"yeah about that hobi, i don't think it's a viable option anymore"

tae-"no shit"

hobi-"what do we do?"

me-"we should probably radio the others to let them know what happened and then maybe try and fix it or wait till it's morning to fix it since it's starting to get dark so it would be difficult to sort out the engine now"

jin-"yeah, hobi do you want to radio them now?" he says while putting his hand behind him, beckoning us to pass him the walkie talkie to which we comply at hearing hobi's "yeah sure"

we all sit moderately quietly while awaiting the others back at home to pick up the walkie talkie- which they eventually do

yoongi-"hello?" i hear him say as he answers

hobi-"hi! we thought we would let you know that we were on our way back but the van broke down so we are probably gonna stay here over night and then return home in the morning when the van is better" i head yoongi sigh

yoongi-"okay, just stay safe, and walkie talkie every like half and hour or so, just so we can know that you guys are okay" cute

hobi-"will do yoongles! see ya!"

jin-"hobi you can be in charge of walkie talkie-ing today then" he states causing hoesok to beam

tae-"should someone have a look at the engine?"

me-"i mean we might as well since it surely can't do the van any harm"

jin-"i did an apprenticeship at a garage once so i might be able to help"

me-"okay me and you will have a look at the engine jin"

we open the doors and head to the front of the van to inspect the damage

jin nods at tae so he turns the keys which unlocks the hood (i have no idea if this is how cars work- i'm literally just making it up so don't question the lack of car accuracy)

as he lifts it up, we are greeted with an aggressive storm of black smoke that had apparently eagerly been awaiting its exit

tae-"uh guys" we hear him say so once we have finished our coughing fit after inhaling far too much or that smoke, we look up to see his finger pointed

following his finger, i am met with the sight of more zombies coming at us just as the begins to hide

of course this happens to us

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