Chapter 2 • Dinner

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

Feeling Mama's arms wrap around me gently made a smile paper on my face, I wrapped my arms around her hugging her back as the smell of her vanilla perfume filled my nose.

"I missed you baby" Mama kissed my temple as we pulled away, "I missed you more, where are the rest?" I asked, "They are sitting outside in the garden"

We started walking towards the garden that was in the backyard, the sound of roaring made me look straight ahead to see our pet tiger Rajah with his girlfriend, Ares bought Amber aka Rajah's girlfriend for his birthday that Ares made up as 7 November.

"Yeah, I don't think I will d-" Grandma Val stopped talking when she saw me as she immediately got up from her chair walking towards me.

"Where the fuck were you, a whole month without you feels like torture" Grandma hugged me tightly and I bite my lip trying to stop the whimpers of the pain to escape my lips.

"Well I missed you too Val" she hates when I call her Grandma, saying that she is still young to be called like that and that she can't believe that she has grandchildren until now.

"Well, you hurt me" the sound of Grandpa boomed behind Grandma, she moved aside revealing Grandpa, "I didn't see you Luci" I smiled at him before walking towards him and hugging him.

"I missed you," we both said at the same time as we chuckled before pulling away, "No hug or even a hello to your brother, let Ares aside, I'm your twin like I will be hurt if my other half didn't notice me" The voice of my twin brother Alessandro coming from behind me made me turn around to see him and my big brother Ares standing there.

"Jesus, wait for a second" I muttered before walking towards the and wrapping my arms around both of them hugging them as we did our sibling hug.

Each of them kissed my temples before we pulled away, "Where is Papa?" I asked turning around towards Mama. "He is out there somewhere looking for Kiara" and Kiara is Rajah's daughter so she is a cub.

"Oh" I nodded my head understanding before we all took our seats at the dinner table that was in the middle of the garden, a lot of white roses were all around the place making me feel at home.

I guess that's why my name is Rosa.

"Where is the dickhead?" Mama asked making me sigh slapping my forehead with my hand, "Right, where is that pussyface?" Grandma Val and Luci have always called Matteo 'pussyface' I have no idea who came with it but I never heard anyone call someone with it.

"He has a meeting, but he told me he will be here as soon as he could' I replied giving them a fake smile, I hope he gets in a car accident and dies.

We all started chatting but I was talking to Grandma Val and Grandpa Luci the most since we didn't see each other for a while.

That's until we heard footsteps approaching, I turned my head to where the footsteps were coming from to see Papa holding Kiara who was biting his fingers making her yell at her not noticing me.

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