Chp 20.

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I watched and hear the muffle scream as he yelled all his stupid dumb reason anger out from my pillow.

"Let all your angers out"I said as I ate all the chocolate covered sticks. 

I could feel his head rolling around my laps,still having his face glued on my pillow. I didn't mind it at all but deep down in me  I wanted to push him off at the same time.

A minutes later the screaming stop and his body was stilled.

His legs was rolled up in his chest and his arm wrapping tightly to the pillow and having his own face smash in it.

Holy shit did he suffocate himself?

"Hey? You alive? Hello?" I said,shaking his shoulder lightly.

No answers came up so I snatched my pillow from him...but only to find him deep asleep.

'How many times has he passed out to sleep...'I touched my forehead.

. . . Ding! A imaginary light bulb pop on top of my head.

I low down my head slowly to not make a single creaking sound of my bed. I look at his ear,then blow at it.

"HUH!? WHAT ARE YOU-"he woke up,shock of what just happened and quickly got a pillow I just moved and smacked me with it.

I couldn't help but laugh my ass off while he attacked him with my own pillow.

"Your so mean!! I was sleeping so I could cool off! !"he yelled,throwing the pillow across my room and got on top of me and tackled me.

"I didnt allowed you to sleep in my room though-!"

"But you didn't need to blow in my ear!!"he cried out.

I tried to push him off of me but then,he stopped all of a sudden.

He looked at me,up and down and turned red.

He realized that he was in top of me,so he back off all the way to the corner of my bed.

"Oh shit! I-I'm sorry-!!"he said,currently sweating while he up at me.

I sat up and laughed of how stupid he just did right now.

"You easily changed moods,don't ya?"I asked, He's very confusing.

"D-Don't tease me!!"he yelled,also slightly embarrassed.

"Hah I wasn't"

"Was so-! Why did you have to blow my ear?"he asked.

"Just so I can wake you up"I smirked.

"Couldn't you just shake my shoulders or something??"

"I did but your lazy ass wouldn't wake up"

"Hm. Guess I'm a heavily sleeper."He said,touching his chin. He looked at the bed and realized how messy it was.

'Oh shoot did I do this?'he thought to himself.

"If your wondering why this bed is messy,it's because you were mad for me tricking you,and all."

"What?! How'd you know I was thinking that?!"

"Because I could easily tell by the face expression you make. Duhh it's that simple."

"Oh! Well I'll fix it you can go wait ! !"he got out of my bed and grabbed all the pillow he threw.

I didn't get off the bed but watched him then looked at my phone to see what time it was.


That's pretty late.

I looked back at Venti to see his eyes,couldn't find a word to say but he does look pretty tired.

I somewhat felt bad so I said

"Hey Venti you don't need to grab them,I'll get it" he looked at me curious,whilecarrying a blanket and a pillow.

"Huh you sure?"he tilt his head.

"Yeah. You look tired to might as well you can take a res-"

"Wow Xiao! Never seen you this kind before!!"He smiled.

"I'll take that back,go back to cleaning"I rolled my eyes.

"What?! No!!"He said,dropping the pillow and blanket on my bed.

"I'm joking, I'm joking"

"Really?! Oh my god thank you!!"he went to me and hugged,squeezing me like I was some lemon.

"Get off-"I said,barely managing words since he was like squeezing my lungs out.

"Alright! Ima head out now! Night Xiao!!"He waved and closed me door as the room fell in silence.

I gave in a big sigh and organized all my pillow and blanket for me to sleep in.

After cleaning my bed and stuffs whatever,I went in,covered myself with the blanket,closed the lights and just fell asleep.

This was a boring chapter but I'll make one tomorrow if I can 👼👼!! Yes! I return into making a chapter
(Sorry if it's short)

This was a boring chapter but I'll make one tomorrow if I can 👼👼!! Yes! I return into making a chapter(Sorry if it's short)

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Also met this amazing parrot.....💔💔💔💔

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