𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɴɪɴᴇ𓅓

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You at the shape-shifting human with anger in your eyes.

Realizing that he is the main reason you are going through a hard time right now.

"Why would you do that? Do you know that I'm living in fear because of you!" You exclaim.

Nile rolls his eyes at you, showing annoyance at your behavior.

As if you don't have any right to get angry at him.

"You are the one who wished to be the daughter of Maathotep" Nile mocks.

"How would you know that? Did you read my mind?" he chuckles at your rushed questions.

"Yes, I have been watching you for a while too" you huff.

"Listen, I want to return back home, no, I have to return back home" you assert with a calm tone.

"I can't do that" he replies simply.

"Why not?"

"Because I granted your long waited wish and you should be grateful"

You feel like that is not the real answer, and that Nile is hiding something.

"Can you at least help me with the Babylonian prince problem, I'm afraid that he might do something crazy"

You admit, as Nile raises an amused eyebrow at you.

"You don't need to worry about him, he won't hurt you" you snort.

"Won't hurt me? He threatened me when I wrote to him a breakup letter!" he shrugs.

"Give him a chance, don't you Egyptians always say that love sometimes kills-"

Nile stops himself upon realizing that he chose the wrong proverb.

"Just give him a chance, you won't lose anything"

You stare in doubt at Nile.

𓅓 Two Months Later 𓅓

"You don't look so well, my princess" Anatamun asks warily.

"Yes, I'm just nervous about meeting the prince after so long" you confess, as she finishes brushing your hair and placing a wig on top of it.

"I'm sure prince Nazir will be delighted to see you"

You try to smile at Anatamun's words, but you couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Hopefully, father won't doubt anything"

"Doubt what?"

You quickly stand up and look at Maathotep who is walking up to you.

"Nothing, I was just expressing my fear to Anatamun that you might doubt my skills in acting as a true princess" you lie.

"Hmm" your father hums at you, as if not believing you.

But he lets it slide.

"The Babylonian brat will be arriving soon, let's us head to the throne room"

You nod slowly, before following Maathotep out.

You are praying deeply that everything goes smoothly.


Long dark curly hair.

Dark brown eyes.

Beauty mark near his left eye.

Light tan skin.

Heart-shaped lips.

Slightly upturned nose.

This boy is by all standards considered beautiful.

Now, you can understand why Neith has fallen for him.

Yet his aura is sinister.

You, your father, and he are having a feast in Nazir's honor as his first to Egypt as a king.

"The food is delightful as always" the young king complements.

"Glad that you like it" Maathotep states with a fake smile.

While you try your hardest not to stare at Nazir.

"I wish to discuss something important with you, Pharaoh Maathotep" Nazir starts.

"We shall discuss it back in the throne room"

"There is no need, as the matter includes princess (Y/n)" you gulp.

Maathotep's smile drops and gets replaced with a frown.

"What is it that you wish to discuss?"

Your eyes widen in shock, as the Babylonian king suddenly grabs your hands into his from across the table, forcing you to stand up with him.

"I wish to make your kind and beautiful daughter my bride"

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