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"Damn it"


Caide rushed his shoes back on and grabbed the spiritual rod he had earlier. You watched as he grabbed his wooden box of beads as you held your swollen wrist.

You couldn't take the bracelet off as you winced in pain.

You couldn't help yourself but make noise as your hand began to go numb.
Your wrist felt as though it was being strangled by a metal lining, getting tighter and tighter.

Caide grabbed your other hand and pulled you out the door.

The sun was beginning to set and you let out another noise of pain as your wrist began bruising.

"It's okay.." Caide reassured as he urged you to walk faster.
"Caide what's going on?" you asked and he sighed.
"I've heard of this before with spirits that have wife's but I didn't think it was true. They can harm their wife by tightening the charm until it seeps into their skin, cutting off circulation.."
"What? Why would Vice do this.."
"Why do you think?" Caide said with an attitude.

You were rushing as fast as you could to the old school.

"Listen to me Y/n.."
You looked at Caide as he stared back into your teary eyes.
"This is going to be dangerous.. it's almost night and demons are really active around this time. If push comes to shove, and Vice won't let you go.. I'll have to get rid of him.."
"But.. owch!" you whined and tears fell from your eyes.
"No buts Y/n!!" Caide yelled at you upset.

But I don't blame Vice.. we were gonna leave him alone for two nights.

"I bet he was just scared we wouldn't come back.."
"That's no excuse for hurting you!!!" he yelled and you went silent and rubbed your arm that was now beginning to become cut up.

You both entered the woods and as you went closer to the school, a horrible smell was in the air.
You covered your mouth and Caide did the same.

"Fuck.. it stinks what the hell is that? A dead deer?"

Your heart sunk.


"No.. Lila!!" You were about to run in the direction of the smell.
"She's dead! Y/n.. you'll regret what you see.. we have to fix this before your whole hand comes off!" Caide  grabbed you and you slapped his hand away.
"I need to know what happened to her!"

You turned the flash on your phone on.
As you stepped closer and closer, your heart began to beat.
Leaves crunched beneath your feet and you began to shake.

Step after step until you saw something that made your heart drop.

"Lila.. what happened to you.." tears fell from your eyes as her hair covered her rotten corpse.

The stench gave you a head ache as bugs swarmed her.
You felt yourself about to vomit but you pressed on.

Stab wounds.. and more stab wounds.

"Come on.. please.." Caide asked and you nodded not wanting to see anymore.

You grabbed her bloody bookbag and threw it over your back.

"Those were stab wounds.." you told him and he agreed.

"Caide.. Vice carries a knife with him.."


You both were standing outside the school door and Caide wiped your tears.

"I said you look ugly when you cry.."
"I know.." you sniffled and he frowned before scoffing. "What's your plan?" you asked and he sighed.
"I put a talisman on some fake beads to make them appear green to him. Once he puts them on.. he will have no choice but to release you from your bind. If he refuses he will disintegrate"

You nodded and quickly Caide kissed you.

"I really hate you"
You smiled at him, "I hate you too"

You winced as you walked through the door.

"Vice come out now!!" Caide yelled, echoing through the school.

It was silent for a few moments before you heard faint steps.
Vice appeared before you through a wall. You couldn't help but glare at him and he returned your expression with a smile.

"You guys came back.. that's good, I thought you had forgotten about me"
"Don't play dumb, stop hurting Y/n" Caide spat and Vice looked at your wrist.
"Oh right" he smiled and snapped.

Your pain felt a bit at ease.
Your wrist was still swollen and had change colors making you wince at the sight.

You felt cold press on your cheek and looked up to Vice floating in the air.

"I'm sorry.. really I don't want to hurt you, I just got nervous that you wouldn't come back" Vice told you genuine but Caide pointed the spear at him.
"Don't touch her! We brought your beads so you don't have to feel nervous anymore.." Caide spat as he pulled out the box.

You felt Vice glance at you suspiciously. You looked away and you felt something cold on your neck.
You immediately looked back and Vice had his two fingers pressed to your throat.

"What's this mark?"

Your heart jumped and Caide glanced at you.

"I said don't touch her!" he yelled and Vice let out a low scoff as he forced a smile.
"Alright.. buddy"

You had a bad feeling in your stomach as Vice remained smiling, with his eyes still on you.
Caide pulled out the beads and held them out to Vice.

"Take them"

Vice didn't hesitate as he took them in his hand. You both made eye contact and you couldn't help but look away again as he chuckled.

"Thanks shaman"

Vice threw them around his neck and snapped his fingers again. Your sensitive wrist began to hurt even more.

You dropped to your knees in pain as you held your wrist and let out wails of pain.

"What the.." Caide said and Vice smiled.

Caide gritted his teeth and held the spear up at Vice, who's hands were up innocently.

"I'd put that down if I were you.. unless you want our wife here to have a missing hand" Vice stated as he tightened the charm again.

You let out another cry of pain and Caide froze as he looked down at you. He bit his lip upset and threw the weapon down.

"Good boy~" Vice grinned and Caide held in his anger.

Vice came down to your level and wiped your tears.
"I'm sorry.. I'll make it up to you I promise.."
"Get away from me!!" You screamed and Vice sighed.

He stood back up and him and Caide faced each other.

"I bet you're confused right? Don't worry.. you won't be for long shaman~"


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