Yosohn Smith

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Big body Benz, 'member I used to be dusty
Now I want my money all hundreds in a rush please

-Lil Baby, Ready

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Atlanta, GeorgiaOakland CityZone 4 (SWATS)

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Atlanta, Georgia
Oakland City
Zone 4 (SWATS)


The loud engine of Yosohn's 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk roared through the streets of Atlanta's very own Oakland City. Recognizing his car, residents would occasionally send polite waves his way. Yosohn had a lot of respect in the city of Atlanta. He was selfless, did a lot for the community, and treated everybody like family. Originally born in New York, Yosohn's mother moved them back to her hometown for a new start after another failed relationship with her third baby daddy. It'd become his home. Atlanta molded him into the man that he is today.

Turning onto Oakland Drive, the street he grew up on, Yosohn began to reminisce back to when he was a kid. More specifically, back to when he first started selling drugs on the block.

"Boy, yo mama gone beat yo ass if she find out you out here on the block. Better take yo bad ass on somewhere," Black teased a thirteen year old Yosohn who was clothed in dirty clothes that were easily two sizes bigger than his actual size.

Before Yosohn was even thought of, Black was the one running the streets of Atlanta. He was dealing everything from marijuana to cocaine. Everybody on his team was eating, and Yosohn wanted a seat at the table. Being thirteen meant nothing because he was wise beyond his years.

"Man, I'm a grown ass man. My mama don't run me nigga. I'm tryna get money like y'all," Yosohn retorted, his voice barely having any bass in it. Black found him amusing and didn't take him seriously. Yosohn remained persistent though, eventually earning a seat at Black's table.

"You know this grown man business, right? Once you in this shit, you in it. Ain't no turning back. Thirteen or not, I'll bust a cap in yo ass if you do anything stupid," Black warned.

Yosohn nodded his head, confident in his decision. In his mind, he was the man of the house. He was tired of watching his mother and grandmother struggle, tired of living off of welfare, tired of wearing the same dirty hand-me-downs. Without any help from her three baby daddies, his mother tried her best to make ends meet. It just wasn't enough.

"Aight, come holla at me Friday potna," Black smirked, lightly tapping Yosohn's chest with the back of his hand.

That same week, Yosohn was out on the block. Black started him off with a small amount of product just to test him. He was pleasantly surprised by Yosohn's ability to keep up and handle his business better than most grown men. Sales goals were always met, and Black was never shorted on any of his money. Even when Yosohn was nearly robbed, he stood on all ten, fighting a group of grown men. He didn't necessarily win, but he was able to get away with all of his money and product intact. Black could see the loyalty and dependability.

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