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You were shaking with goosebumps but you weren't cold as you and Vice walked out the school.

You made your way down the street to your house.

It was so weird and uncomfortable.
Caides body.. but with Vices personality.

You had noticed something about the pink bead bracelet Caide had gave you.

It was starting to fade and it worried you more.
You also noticed when Vice was holding on to you, Caides body started to lose its warmth.

Could Caides body become so cold he dies?

You felt sick to your stomach and wanted to go home immediately.

Vice seemed fine overall but you couldn't help but notice his guilty expression as he walked behind you.

You grabbed his hand and he smiled but in reality you wanted to check Caides body temperature.

He's so cold..


You immediately pulled him in your warm house and looked at your bead bracelet which was still fading.

"Y/n.." Vice called as you went down the hall upset.

Fuck.. I need to keep him warm.

You started grabbing clothes from your dads closet and you were suddenly glad they were never home.
You grabbed some pajamas pants with a long sleeve and ran back to your room where Vice was standing.

"Are you okay? You seem rushed.."
"I-I'm fine!! Just put these on please.." you gave him the clothes and turned around as he changed.

A drop of water fell on your hand.
You looked down and it was your own tears.

I need to stop crying..

You kept telling yourself but after tonight's events you needed to let it out.

Caide wasn't Caide.
Lila's corpse was still rotting alone in the woods.
And you wrist was too swollen to even touch.

"Y/n.." Vice wrapped his arms around you from behind after getting changed.

It felt like Caide.. but it wasn't.

You got a bit choked up and Vice hugged you tighter. "Talk to me please.."
"Lay down in the bed" you told him and he looked at you confused. "I'm tired.. and I want to lay with you" you smiled as the tears fell.

His expression was confused by your actions but he did as told.

You looked at your bracelet again and the pink color was coming back.

I just need to keep Caide warm and keep Vice happy until he let's him go.

I don't have time to cry.. I have to worry about Lance as well as the other demons.

"Aren't you gonna get in the bed?" Vice asked but you were lying before.

Damn it..

You climbed in the bed but Vice didn't force you to cuddle with him.
You surprised yourself by doing it on your own.

You held in sobs as you clung to Caides body. You told yourself you wouldn't cry, but you couldn't help it.


You looked up and Vice wiped your tears.

"If you're gonna cry you don't have to hide it.. I'm not a monster. I was human too.." he told you sweetly as your heart throbbed.

You cried into his chest letting it all out and when you were done he wiped your swollen eyes. You sniffled but felt a wave of depression knowing how much you had to burden now.

"Are you mad at me?" he asked but you shook your head.
"No.. you put yourself first, that's what you're suppose to do" you sighed and he tilted your head.
"I put you before my feelings you know" Vice said but it felt so odd having those words come out Caides mouth.

You didn't reply as you laid your head on his chest.

You fell asleep tired without saying another word.


You woke up the next morning with regret of opening your eyes.

You were in the same position and Vice was still sleep.

You wrapped the blanket closer to his neck and got up to take a shower.
You grabbed the door knob and winced forgetting your hand.

Eventually you made your way inside and didn't want to leave the hot shower as the water dripped off your body.

You let out a big sigh.
"Six more days.. did yesterday count? I need to talk to Damon about this.." you mumbled.


You heard the door unlock.

You peered our the shower curtain and Vice was yawning still wearing his layers.

"I almost ran into the door.. forgot I couldn't go through walls" he said tiredly.
"VICE?!? Get out!!" you yelled and he laughed. "How'd you even unlock the door??"
"Did you know I can lock pick?" he grinned holding up bobby pins and you scolded him.

I forgot how much of a perv he was compared to Caide!!

"Get out!!"
"I'm sorry.. I'm just really hungry" he pouted and you sighed.
"Fine, wait and I'll make you food.."

He finally left the bathroom and you grabbed a towel after you were done. You slowly left the bathroom and looked down the hall to no Vice.

Quickly, you ran into your room and slammed the door shut.
After locking it, you sighed in relief.

"Well aren't you in a rush~?" Vice smiled and your head turned quickly to him sitting on your bed.
"Vice get out!"
"It's the weekend right? Let me choose your clothes for you" he went over to the closet and you sighed as you sat down.

You started scrolling through your phone and unintentionally went to photos.

You couldn't help but stare at the picture of Caide kissing you.

Your heart thud and you bit your lip at the memory.

"What are you looking at?"

Vice snatched your phone and you couldn't get it back as you held your towel with your uninjured hand.

"Oh.." Vice let out as he set your clothes on the bed.

You didn't know what to say.
What could you say?
Technically they both were your half husbands..

Which you knew wasn't an excuse.

"Do you want a kiss or something? Why are you looking at this?" He asked as his bright hazel eyes looked back over at you. "He got to kiss you before I did.. I don't think that's fair" he smiled but you felt unsettled.

"Just give me my phone.."
"I will if you kiss me"


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