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Hey everyone!

I'm sorry for not updating for 2 weeks, but I'll really try to update once or twice every week :)

I felt myself waking up from the sunlight shining through the windows.

I didn't open my eyes, wanting to rest for just a bit longer.

I felt someone gently running their hand through my hair and for a moment I had the feeling that everything was fine.

But that moment didn't last long as reality almost literally hit me in the face.

I felt someone gently slap me.

"Wake up, Y/n!" I heard a male voice whisper.

I didn't really want to open my eyes, since I really didn't want to get back to the reality.

"Stop it, Dae-su. Let her sleep." Another male voice said.

Of course I knew this voice.


"But everyone else is already awake and we need to think about what we can do to escape from here."

"But she looks so peaceful when she sleeps. Even though she always does, she really looks like an angel right now. How could you wake her up?"

I smiled a bit, my eyes still closed.

"Isn't that a really cliché thing to say, Su-hyeok?" I opened my eyes slowly, directly looking at his face.

I noticed him becoming flustered as I sat up.

He had placed my head on his lap as I was sleeping and he had also been the one running his hand through my hair.

As I leaned against a few mats beside Su-hyeok I saw Nam-ra standing in the middle of the room, looking at a small window.

"What is it, Nam-ra?" I asked her.

"Yeah, do you see something?" Dae-su asked.

He was sitting in a half circle with Cheong-san, On-jo, Hyo-ryeong and Joon-yeong.

Wu-jin was with Mi-jin and his sister.

And Su-hyeok and I were sitting together, leaning against a pile of mats.

Still waiting for Nam-ra's answer, I picked up Su-hyeok's jacket, that was laying on the mat where we had slept on.

Knowing that he would tell me to keep it, I wrapped it around my shoulders.

"The smell is stronger" Nam-ra said, still staring at the small window.

Dae-su looked confused before taking a deep breath through his nose.

He was trying to sniff the air, to smell whatever Nam-ra was meaning.

I facepalmed when he started sniffing his armpits.

He made a slightly disgusted face before looking at Nam-ra again.

"Well I can't really smell anything"

Nam-ra turned around, looking at us.

"I think they are all coming this way. The smell is really strong."

"Shit" I mumbled quietly, biting my lip.

How can we possibly escape if all zombies are coming here?

Joon-yeong sighed.

"Doesn't matter. We're trapped in here for good now. And there's no way to get out."

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