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You almost rolled your eyes at him.
His smile made you even more annoyed because you knew it was genuine.

"How badly do you want your phone back?" he asked and you stared into his teasing eyes.
"Just give it back!"

You tried to grab it and he held it above your head.

You gritted your teeth with frustration.
If only you didn't just have one hand available.

"Fuck you! I'd never kiss you!!" you yelled fully expecting him to argue back, but he kept the same calm expression.
"Alright.." he shrugged and put the phone in his pocket.
"Huh?" you let out confused as he laid out your clothes.
"Come on, put your clothes on. I chose the ones that I thought would look really nice on you" he smiled and you looked over at the outfit.

A long, skin tight sundress with spaghetti straps. It was a pretty green color and you noticed he had grabbed your under clothing as well.

"Where's my bra?" You asked suspicious and he smiled nervously.
"Bra? What bra? What even is a bra? I don't know what it is but I think you'd look nice without it haha.."

You rolled your eyes and told him to get out as you slipped the purple underwear on.
You didn't know you owned such a dress honestly.

It was very pretty for spring, so it must've been hidden away.

You looked in the mirror and noticed how tight it was.
It was nice.. it showed off the curves you did have.

"Vice has good taste.." you mumbled and heard a thud that made you jump.
You opened the door and Vice was rubbing his head.
"Ow.." he mumbled and you almost laughed.
"That's what you get!"


You cooked breakfast and watched as Vice stuffed his face like never before.

"Slow down.." you told him with your chin resting in your palm.
"Arfnt yur gona eaft?" he asked with a mouth full and you chuckled.
"I'm not hungry.."

You waited until he finished his meal and made him wash the dishes.

I need my phone.. if only I had Lances phone number.

"Maybe he has social media.." you mumbled to yourself.

"You look so nice sweetheart.."

You felt hands wrap around your waist and you stiffened.
You could feel his breathing on your neck and it made you think of that moment with Caide.

"L-Let go!! I'm not your sweetheart Vincent!"
"Oh you know my real name? That's nice.." he smiled happily as he pulled you tighter in a hug.
"Don't be so mean to me.. it feels so good being able to hug you. You're so warm.."

You felt his hands travel lower.

"Vice!!" You yelled flustered and he laughed as he backed away.
"I know.."

You sighed knowing what you had to do.

Hopefully Caide won't remember this..

"You won't just give me the phone?" You asked politely and he smirked.
"I'm sorry my love but that just won't happen without a kiss.."

You bit your lip and walked up to him.

"I bet you died a virgin.." you spat and he laughed.
"That's so mean of you to say. I'm nothing but sweet to you but you insist on hurting my feelings.."
"I'm just saying that's probably why you're such a perv" you admitted with a shrug, "You know.. Caide is a jerk but he plays so hard to get. He gets so flustered, it's a surprise he made such a big move last time.." you laughed a bit and then realized Vice was staring at you.

He grabbed you by the chin and pulled you closer.

He chuckled a bit lowly and sadisticly.

"Did you seriously just mention that shaman in front of me?" his eyes sparked with spite which contradicted his smile.
"Ah.. oh I'm sorry.."
"Do you want the phone or not?" he asked and you nodded.

If you were being honest you didn't like the scary jealous side of Vice.
Although he always had a smile, his eyes said otherwise.

You didn't want to argue with him but you couldn't help out of instinct to do so. After all he was in Caides body, and you two always argued.
So maybe trying to argue with Vice was a major bad decision..

"You look scared.." he rubbed your arm. "I'm sorry.."

You swallowed your pride and crashed your lips into his.

Vice wouldn't let it be a quick kiss.
And you knew that, so you prepared yourself.

His grip was tighter than Caides and he was a bit more passionate as his lips tasted yours.
He acted as through it was the first piece of candy he had ever had in years.

A piece of candy he refused to give away.

You whined a bit trying to pull away as he gripped your hips.
He pulled you against the counter where he backed you against it.

How was Caide more gentle with his kiss than the sweet Vice?

Thoughts flew through your head at the ironic misconception.

Caide was the one with the aggressive nature but Vice refused to let you go in his mix of passion.
You knew he wanted more, you could feel his want and desire as you both continued to make out.

He desperately needed you as an escape from his hidden pain.
His hidden pain which was behind a smile.

Vice finally let you go as you gasped for air.

He pulled the phone out his pocket and handed it to you.
You couldn't help but look at him flustered with a bit of nervousness. You had never felt a kiss so passionate and intense before.

His eyes narrowed a bit as he backed away and began walking in another room.

"V-Vice! Where are you going?" you asked.
"To lay down.." he said quietly not looking back.

You felt disappointed.

Why is my heart beating so fast? Whatever I need to stay focused.

The bead bracelet was a bright pink, meaning the small moment you and Vice shared warmed Caides body up.

Immediately, you unlocked your phone and when to Pinsta.

Damon Lance..


"He's a model?!?"


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