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"So, what do we have?" I ask the team, taking a seat at the round table.

It takes everyone a second to collect themselves. Maybe too long to be deemed professional, but nobody blames themselves. It's justifiable. Because it's her.

Dexter is the first one to speak, clearing his throat before saying, "We lost him as soon as he left the apartment complex. He went out a back door that had no cameras. He must've picked up a taxi."

"Or he has someone with him," Colton adds, "Getaway driver."

I nod at the possibilities. I hate that we don't have footage of him going anywhere. "Anyone run known associates?"

Lina raises a finger with an answer, "They're all dead-ends. Everyone has either moved away, or had an alibi for that day. I'm thinking he just drove his own car, considering Hana's was still in the parking lot."

It was also untouched, no scratches on it. It's a bit unusual for someone with his temper to not ruin one of Hana's most prized possessions, but it could be because he was short on time.

"Are we tracking his car's GPS?" I ask, almost routinely, spinning a pen in my hand.

"We could only track what locations are put in," Sofia frowns. Being one of Hana's closest friends out of the group, she's struggled in this case more than the rest of the team.

I click the pen a few times, then drop it on the table. Instead, I fidget with the ring that's been stationed on my middle finger. "What's the current status on him?"

"He hasn't made any calls on his listed cell," Saar reads off a paper she's holding. "Took out $10K from his bank account, and left with the wind. No record of him since the accident."

"So we have no leads, no traces, and no one to question?"

Everybody remains silent. I look at each of them, some visibly upset, and some angry. Then, Rafael blinks like he's realized something.

"Why is he being so... Coordinated? Cautious?" He releases a tense breath, "Locals wouldn't pay attention to this, Hana hasn't even filed a report."

She didn't. But we all, mostly me, advised her not to. The case would most likely be dropped if Dean stayed away long enough. But we're not letting him slip through the cracks.

I process the information, then come to a conclusion. "He knows who we are and that we're close with her."

He snaps like I got it on the dot, "Bingo."

"That would have to mean he's been following Hana way more than we thought he was," Sofia says quietly, almost afraid.

Colton rubs a hand down his face in exhaustion. People mumble curses. I crumble up a piece of paper, angry that it's blank instead of filled with ways to take down Dean Ellis.

"How is she holding up?" Sofia asks, her voice filled with concern.

They all know she's been staying at my house, but somehow they haven't asked me any questions about it.

"She's doing better than what can be expected," I nod like it's the truth. Technically, if you expected the worst, then it is the truth.

"Good enough to do an interview?" Dexter suggests.

I feel my face close off, all emotion wiping itself away. My body tenses when I say, "No."

Saar narrows her eyes at me, "Put away your claws, 'Mama Bear.'" I roll my eyes at the nickname. "Have you even asked her if she wants to do the interview?"

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