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"He's a model?!?"


We're you shocked?

Looks wise no.
But he was a whole demon?! How the hell does he have a modeling and teaching job?

You Dm'd him immediately after following.

You were surprised to get a quick response.


You were disgusted.

"I'm not giving you my fucking leg!!"

"Fine.. no need to have a potty mouth. Pfft so you're shaman is no more? You poor thing.. never trust a nice spirit <3".

Lance responded and you rolled your eyes.

"Are you gonna help me or what?"

You sent with agitation.

"Meet me tonight then miss attitude. Actually I'll come to your house.."

You set your phone back down after he replied.

You were a bit upset at the teachers lightheartedness of the situation.
Now you had to worry about Vice being sleep when Damon comes over.

Although, you did really need his help in the situation.
Vice was prone to lie after all, despite his innocent nature.

"Innocent is a stretch.." you mumbled and looked down the hall.

He said he went to go lay down?

You crept slowly down the hall and peeked into your room.

Vice wasn't there.

"Hm?" you opened the door.

You span around with a jump.

"Did I get you?" he grinned and you held back a smile.
"No! Wait.." you looked at his outfit and it had been changed. "What?! Why are you wearing shorts and a tank top?"
"I got hot" he shrugged and laid on the bed.

Your eyes darted to your bracelet which was fading slowly.

"Yes sweetheart?" he said catching you off guard with the nickname. You went over to him and placed your hand on his arm.
"You're cold!" you scolded and he brushed you off, which was very abnormal.
"I'm hot.. why are you so worried about me being cold?"

You didn't know what to reply.

If I tell him the real reason.. he might use it against me.

He smirked and pulled you on his lap.

"Vice what do you want from me? Seriously a whole week?"

His frown made your heart jump.

"I'm starting to think you don't like me? Do you not like my company? You were always so nice to me before.."
"Ah.. no! That's not it.. it's just I can't help but argue with you when you look like Caide" you admitted and he chuckled.

"Well then.."

Vice said deeply as he gripped your hips and leaned forward.

"That sounds reasonable.. I promise you would've loved the way I looked when I was alive. Lots of people did honestly.." he trailed off and then smiled a bit dark, "What do you want me to do sweetheart? I can get a knife and cut some of my features so I don't look like Caide.."

Your heart dropped and you felt a bit frantic.

"No.. no you don't need to do that Vice.." you smiled and rubbed his chest.

He smirked.

"You sure? Because the way that you're acting makes me think I might have too.. I mean you keep crying too.. just say the word and I'll cut you some different features.." he pulled you closer and kissed your neck.

Your stomach turned at the thought of what he was saying.

Vice wasn't concerned.
He threatening you in the kindness way he knew.

In other words.. if he catches you crying or if you become upset with him, he'll mutilate Caides body.

"Sweetheart? Why aren't you saying anything? You do understand what I mean? I just don't want you to hate me.. be nice to me like you were before.." he smiled and you nodded holding in tears.
"Good girl~ Oh I forgot to ask.. do you like your nickname? Sweetheart? Or would you like for me to call you darling or baby.." he asked nicely.
"Sweetheart is fine.." you reassured and he began stroking your cheek.

"See you're starting to get it aren't you? Are you still worried about me being cold?" you shook your head no and he gave you a mischievous look.
"Are you lying?"
"No Vice, I'm not lying.." you looked to the side and he turned your head a bit aggressive.
"It's rude to look away when someone's talking to you"

The bracelet.. how will I keep Caide warm if Vice won't wear the clothing?

"If you're so worried.. I know another way you can keep me warm~"

You almost gasped when he pushed you down on his lap.
Your face heated embarrassed as he smirked.

You felt the urge to cuss him out but you knew better.

"Vice this is.."
"Inappropriate? God you're starting to sound like the shaman.." he began kissing your neck as you gripped his back. "Your hearts beating really fast.. I've been dreaming of this moment aswell. Ever since you stepped foot in that school~"
"V-Vice can't we take things slow?" You asked and he pulled back.
"Of course we can.. you can trust me, it's not like I've killed anyone"

You felt your blood run cold.

"Why do you keep mentioning that?"

He sounded.. amused?

"You keep saying you haven't killed anyone! When noone has accused you of doing so.." you could feel the build of anger in your body from Lila.
"Sweetheart~ You need to calm down now" he whispered strictly in your ear.

You bit your tongue as he smiled.

"I'm just a friendly spirit, why are you getting so worked up? Let me calm you down.." his hand caught on your spaghetti strap and began to pull it down.

He kissed up and down your collar bone, but you were reluctant and angry.

How could he make you this upset without arguing?
You didn't understand.

"Vice wait.. can you tell me something first.."
"What is it?" he asked stopping again.
"Won't you tell me how you really died? In detail.."
"That really inconsiderate of you Y/n, didn't you ever think about how that makes me feel to talk about it? That's okay, I forgive you~" he licked your neck and finally you pushed him away.

"Tell me now or I'm leaving!!" you yelled and he was shocked.

"Fine.. whatever you want sweetheart"

Who's team are we messing with right now?

In all honesty, I'm gonna stick with the unproblematic Lance 💀

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