Chapter 3 • Him?

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

I tried opening my eyes but the only thing I was seeing is darkness, I felt something wrap around my head covering my eyes and I knew that it was a blindfold on my eyes.

My hands weren't budging from behind my back as the sound of ropes rubbing against each other filled my ears. My hands were pinned behind my back as my legs were pinned together by what I felt like a rope as well.

My throat was dry as I tried to talk, "Is anybody here?" I asked as my voice shook, I was kinda afraid since no one know who leads the German Mafia. But what I was mainly scared of the darkness I'm seeing.

I hate the darkness because Matteo always forced himself into me in the dark basement.

There was no reply and I licked my dry lips as I tried to bring my hand to my front, but suddenly I felt my breathing start to pick up as my heart began racing.

I knew that I'm close to a panic attack due to the darkness, so I decided to do something about it before it gets any worse.

I lifted my hips upwards so that I could slide my hands underneath before hugging my knees to my chest as I slide my hands under them as well, I let out a sigh when I felt my hands right in front of me.

I brought my hands up and pulled the blindfold off not needing to unwrap the knot in the back of my head, the bright light that was coming from the big windows in front of me made me close my eyes again before opening them back slowly to adjust the light.

Looking around, I realized that I was in a room. A luxurious room to be exact, I was sitting on a big couch with a small table with a vase on top.

I didn't have the time to look around the room remembering that Bella is out there somewhere so I decided to try and remove the rope that was around my wrists first.

I tried removing it with my teeth but the knot was so small and tight, I even tried kneeling down to my heels to take it off but the rope was thick as fuck.

I started looking around the room, trying to find anything that might help and my eyes fell on the vase beside me, a smirk appeared on my face as I took it with both of my hands and smash it on the floor in front of me.

I knew it would let out a loud sound but I didn't expect it to be this loud, so I started panicking as I kneeled down and picked up a piece of the broken vase.

Due to my nervousness and my shaky hand, I cut myself accidentally when my fingers connected with the sharp edge of the piece, I didn't care since I knew someone out there must have heard.

Taking the piece I ignored the blood coming out of the small cut on my finger, I brought it into my hand and started to cut the rope with it carefully knowing that if it dug into my wrist I might lose my life.

When I reached the last wrap my clumsy self decided to step in and made me cut my palm, I bite my lips as I continued cutting the rope trying not to make any sound.

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