Fight (extra)

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Ellie's POV

I walked in the apartment behind Grace who was angry at me. She refused to talk to me in the car and would respond with a rude or cold response every time I talk to her.

I closed the door and made sure to lock it. I followed her to our room before she slammed the door which by the way hit my hand so hardly.

I held my wrist from the pain I was feeling and waited for it to fade away but it kept hurting.

I opened the door with my other hand "I get that you're fucking mad but you have absolutely no fucking right to slam the door like that which by the way fucking hurt my hand!" I yelled at her.

"I didn't know it would hurt your hand" she responded with an emotionless tone as she put her phone on the nightstand.

She took the jacket she was wearing off and went towards the closet "so you're not gonna communicate with me and just be a bitch for the rest of the day?" I asked annoyed.

Again, no response.

She started stripping out of her clothes and putting on comfortable clothes "you know what? Keep being a bitch. I'm so fucking tired of being the only one that puts effort into the relationship and tries to fucking communicate and solve our differences. I'm also so fucking tired of you arguing with me over everything I do. Grow the fuck up!"

I left the room and slammed the door behind me. I went to get some ice for my hand and sat on the couch.

We left the dorm and bought an apartment close to the university because they found out that we were keeping a dog and that wasn't allowed so we just decided to buy an apartment.

She always does this. She fights with me over the smaller shit ever and I always try to be patient with her, talk to her, calm her down and apologize even if it wasn't my fault.

But she doesn't do the same.

When we fight she makes absolutely no sense but I hate yelling at her so I don't. I try to talk maturely to her, if it doesn't work I do what she wants and apologize.

I'm too in love with her to let a small argument ruin our relationship but this time, she needs to realize that she needs to grow up and communicate instead of giving me the silence treatment and stop being a bitch.

I heard the door open and saw her walk past me towards the kitchen. My eyes were stuck on her as she walked to the kitchen with a smile on her face for some reason.

I turned to look at her as she put some leftovers from yesterday in the microwave.

She took her phone out of her pocket and turned around, giving me a good look of her face as she rested back on the kitchen counter as she had both of her hands on the phone.

I saw her texting someone then stopping, laughing after it.

I clenched my jaw and carried Coco, taking her off my lap and putting her on the couch gently.

Then I made my way towards Grace.

I took the phone from her hand harshly and looked at the screen of her phone to see who she was texting.


What are you gonna do now?

Just gonna keep texting you bc
she's looking at me right now and
I know she's gonna come to see the text

I shook my head in disbelief and looked at her, seeing her with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Can I have my phone back now?" I sighed and gave it back to her, stepping away from her and letting her get the food from the microwave.

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