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Helloz, helloz, helloz fellow dirty fellows. Anyways, coming to the point, I was editing book II for TMAHLQ, and came across this funny af scene where I made a bit more changes, added some lines and some character effects. Thought to not leave you guys dry for some time, so I decided to show you this snippet and hope you love it.

This is the morning after the first night Ashton and Sophia sleep together. If you remember, Ashton proposed to her, she said a yes? They went home to find Emma and Lana fighting and bla bla bla? But they slept together that first night? And Ashton gave the bathroom tour? And he pinched her? And she told that Massimo too pinched her? When he called Massimo and called him in the office the next morning? Yeah, this is that scene. Hope you enjoy.

Also.................the name of Lana has been changed in the main book. Her name is no longer Lana, but it is now Ella. So after marriage, she will be Ella Labrant Romanno.



There was a pronounced knock on the door.

"Come in."

Massimo entered when I nodded towards the seat placed in front of my desk.

He sat and relaxed back when he looked at me, "What's up?"

"Nothing much, you're gonna get fucked up."

He squirmed in his seat, "Did-did I do something?"

I placed both of my hands inside the pockets of my suit pants and tilted my head, looking and observing him as I interviewed this crackhead, "Do you have to tell me anything you might be forgetting or you are not telling me deliberately?"

He frowned, "No, why?"

I raised an eyebrow, "You sure?"

"Okay no wait let me think, I don't like that look on your face."

I nodded, "Yeah sure go ahead, rack that donkey brain and remove the rust from there."

He scowled at the insult but placed two fingers under his chin and scrunched his forehead in concentration when after two minutes, he shook his head while smacking his lips, "I swear I know I did something wrong but I genuinely have no idea of what I did wrong so tell me."

I touched my tongue to the side of my inner cheek when I wrapped my arms together, "So you are saying you don't remember pinching Sophia."

"No whe-OHHHHHHH, OH yes I do."

I nodded, "Care to explain."

He nervously shifted around in his seat, "Yeah about that.....she-um- did I actually do that?"

I rolled my eyes, "You know you can't lie with me so be quick, tell me because I have other plans for the day as well."

He huffed out an annoyed breath when he started to speak, looking here and there, waving his hands madly left and right, as a thirteen year old who just woke up from a nap with her hair all over the place and just wants to complain to her father for how illiterate his son has become and for how, she wants justice, blabbering all along, just wanting to get her point across, "She kept on thrashing in my arms that day, Ashton. I calmly told her look woman, nice woman, very nice woman come along, she said no. I took in a breath, I said okay look lady, you have no idea who you are messing with, his name I wouldn't even speak of as I take it as a curse myself and obviously," he pointed towards me, "I was talking about you.

So," he again started waving his hands madly, like the thirteen year old about to lose her sanity, "I warned her again to come along when her inner animal leashed out at me and she started hitting me. All was going well when she gave me a knee to the groin and damn it hurt like a bitch. I got her unconscious when just to take out my anger and frustration against her because of the fact that she made me go through hell and back, didn't listen to my command and kept annoying me without even thinking that I was the right hand of the capo of the Italian Mafia so obviously, I have respect and dignity and honour-" I managed to not scoff out loud, but still listened him going on and on about praising himself, "and what not, so being in the team of a very well known mafia, with the strongest leaders, powerful soldiers, sharp weapons and modern methods of fighting................." he suddenly lost that energy when he looked at me and lowly spoke, "I pinched her and who told you about this?"

Funny story.

Very funny story.

Who the fuck made him the right hand?

I narrowed my eyes at him, "Did you actually say all these things to her?"

"Well no obviously, I just gave her an idea not to mess around and come along but she didn't."

I bent forward, placing both of my hands on the table, "Massimo, are you pregnant or Ella?"

He features slackened as if being offended, "Sir that offended me a lot but Ella. Why?"

"If Ella would have told me this, I would have understood that the woman is pregnant, it's her hormones, her goddamn hormones, but which feminine hormones of yours are going haywire, may I ask? Want me to consult a gynaecologist for you? Ultrasound facilities? Free of cost? Maybe, maybeeeee we might find a little baby growing
inside of you, so then I can let go of this stupidity that you made."

"Jeez stop."

I rolled my eyes, "You were kidnapping her right?"

"Yes," then he pointed his finger at me, "on your orders."

"Exactly. So how would you expect a person to react when they are being kidnapped?"

"They will obviously protest an- ohhhh."

I raised my eyebrows as if to mock him, "Intelligent much, Labrant?"

He grinned, "It didn't cross my mind at that time."

"So will you also start forgetting things while we are on missions?"

He again seemed offended, "No okay. I won't."

I nodded, "Yeah, cause I don't want that."

He sighed, "Okay...By the way, who told you about me pinching her?"


"How the helllll? She was unconsciousss."

I nodded my head no, "She was partly unconscious."

He nodded his head looking at the floor, "Mental note made, never ever hit a person who just got unconscious. Beat them with a stick in the car."

I rolled my eyes when I concluded, "I'm sparing you this time, make sure she doesn't receive any pain while living under my protection."

He got up, "Yeah, got it."

He turned around when he stopped and grinned again looking at me.

What had he done now?

"Oh and I also called her a lizard, just for your information and she definitely would have been unconscious when I said that to her."

I widened my eyes, "Go and tell her this, she will definitely reply you about this, way much better than I can. I might even need to come and ask you if you can feel your ass after three days for how much she can literally beat you with a broom."


Hope you enjoyed. Do lemme know.

Also, big big news is about the come for the rest of the book of TMAHLQ, on Amazon. So, stay tuned for that announcement as well.



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