Chapter 4 • Deadly Innocence

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

"He wants me to be his dancer-" I scoffed rolling my eyes as I told Bella, "-Can you fucking believe it?" I groaned as I ran my hands through my hair.

Sebastian doesn't know that I'm here. I sneaked out and entered each room until I found Bella, and I'm literally scared that someone might come in and see me.

"You said he is your ex?" Bella asked and I hum, "And he asked you to be his maid or dancer?" She asks again and I nodded, "Girl, you are living my dream life right now" Bella wined.

"Bella!" I snapped at her and she rolled her eyes, "Come on Rosa, we both know there is no escape from here so enjoy yourself here and dance for him" Bella tried convincing me but I glare at her.

"I'm married Bella" I state although I hated the fact I'm married right now, bitch. Stop acting as if you give a fuck.

"Oh please, don't tell me that whoever that cunt was is better than this Sebastian" Bella groans rolling her hazel eyes at me.

"Where is now anyway?" She suddenly asked, "I have no idea, all I know is that he went with his friend Alejandro somewhere, I heard them say that" I replied.

"Oh, okay..." Bella whispers shyly as her cheeks went pink, no. Please don't tell me tha-

"Don't tell me you and Alejandro had a thing" I walked closer to her ignoring the joy I'm feeling that Bella finally found someone. If he did something bad he better watches his back, I should probably give him a name, Assface? Perfect.

"Well, he kinda-" She trails off and I raised my eyebrows waiting for her to continue, "-Finger Fuck me...but it was consensual!" As the words slipped past her lips my jaw dropped to the floor.

They just fucking met...

But I wouldn't say I wasn't kinda happy for Bella, you see. Bella's ex-boyfriends, yes several of them cheated on her. So she didn't feel that she was beautiful or good enough to be in a serious relationship again.

So she started to go to clubs and sleep with new men every time just to try and forget that she isn't good enough for someone, she started to have this fear of relationships because of her ex-boyfriends.

She told me how one of her boyfriends used to force her on having sex with him although she still wasn't ready or comfortable with him, she felt bad when he said, 'that is why your ex-boyfriend broke up with you because you are not even good enough to give us what we both want', she didn't want it yet, she was still healing from her past break up.

Bella had always kept it to herself, but she lost it when the boy she truly loved told her 'You aren't good or beautiful enough to be my girlfriend'

And when I tell you that she turned into a person without a heart I fucking mean it, she started spending nights with mem leaving them before they woke up, she changed her style to something more tempting and seductive making everyone she left wanting more.

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