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"You again?!"


"Well things have taken a turn for the worse, haven't they?" Lance joked.

You and stood up while flattening your dress, as he eyed your wound.

"Shut up.. what are you doing here? You were supposed to come at night!"
"I figured you were in trouble.. I could smell you from a mile away after all~"

He grabbed your arm looking at the wound more closely.
You rolled your eyes and noticed he was in his casual wear.

Mainly because it wasn't a school day.

He was wearing a regular pair of joggers and a hoodie despite the weather. His black hair looked flawless as usual, and now you knew why.

Stupid model.. how is he 1000 years old with such nice features?

"Come on, I'll tend to your wounds"


Stupid decision really.

He could've eaten you as soon as you stepped in his car, but of course.. for some reason he didn't.

"Vice is not gonna be happy about this.." you looked out the window a worried.
"Calm down, the spirits always in a cheerful mood last time I checked" Lance sighed and parked the car.

You were in an empty parking lot and you gave him a weird look.

"Come on.. my place is this way"
"Who said I was going to your place?" You asked shocked but he laughed.
"Stop being stubborn before you bleed out.."

He helped you out the car and you both walked through the parking lot to an apartment complex.
You both went up the stairs to the second floor.

You looked down the balcony as he unlocked the door.

The wind blew against your wound and you winced.

You heard the sound of his keys pause before he finally turned the lock.
After he was done, you went inside and his apartment was quite nice.

There was an overview of the city outside his window.

"Woah.." you let out memorized as he left the room.

When he came back, he had a med kit.

"I hope you're not afraid of needles.."


"Ow.." you cried as he ignored your whining.
"Stop moving!!"
"It hurts!!" you pouted as he continued to thread your injured skin after cleaning the wound.
"Trust me.. it hurts me more than you" Damon mumbled and you whined again as he created another stitch.

You covered your eyes not wanting to see the painfully gory sight.

"Open your eyes"

You slowly opened them and he was wrapping your arm with a bandage.

"You're already done?!" You exclaimed a bit embarrassed and he nodded.
"I was already half way done when you started freaking out" he laughed and set the bandages down after he was done.

You looked at your wrapped arm with a bit of a smile.
It was a bit surprising how well it was bandaged. It seemed like Damon knew what he was doing.

You looked up and he was licking the blood from his fingers.

You flew backwards in a panic and groaned in pain at the movement of your arm.

"The adrenalines worn off, that's gonna hurt for a while" he told you and you made a face at him.
"That's disgusting Lance!!"
"Oh please.. stop overreacting. You know I'm a demon" he stood up and grabbed something from a cabinet.
"Here.. drink some sips of this to soothe your pain"

He poured the beverage in a glass and you took a sip cautiously.

"Oh this is good!"

It was sweet with a sort of tangy smell. It was nothing you had ever had before..

Damon poured himself a drink aswell and sat on the couch beside you.

"Only a few sips.." he told you and you nodded as you drank some more. "It'll ease the pain.."

You noticed he groaned as he held his head.

"What's wrong?"
"I just have a headache.." he mumbled and you nodded. "So.. no more shaman huh?" he teased and you pushed him with your good arm.
"He's still alive!! Don't joke like that!!"
"Are you sure? Who knows what crazy things the spirits doing now that you've disappeared.."

You stood up quickly making Lance jump.

"Shit.. I have to go back!!" You told him and he pulled you back on the sofa.
"You need to calm down, you're stressing yourself way too much" he said a bit strictly.

Lance was actually.. concerned about you?

"What's it to you.."
"Well as my student, I need you in top shape for exams soon" he stated drinking some more of his drink.
"Don't play dumb with me!! You're like 1000 years old!! And you're a model?! How??" You mistakenly raised your voice.

You don't know why you felt a bit energetic as he laughed.

"You're so nosy" he told you and finally you questioned him.
"What drink is this?"
"Alcohol. A sweet wine" he said calmly.
"Oh? Why are you reacting like that?"

Damon finally looked over at your glass and noticed it was full again.

"How many.."
"Three" you smiled a bit nervously and he face palmed.
"Oh no.."


"Pffthaha!!" you laughed as you placed your hand on his shoulder.

He joined you in the laughter as you both drank another drink.

"No.. no you have to tell me your skin routine.." you grinned and he blew you off again.

An hour had went by and needless to say.. you and Damon had a few more drinks than you should've.

"I'm telling you it's all natural~"
"Liar!! Tell me now.. Telllll meee" you plead.

You were a bit more touchy than usual, but you couldn't control it.
Lance, however, was unphased by how you were reacting.

"I'm so curious.. like soooo curious. Why are you still here? Like.. you're alive but dead!!!" you mentioned intrigued and he tensed up.
"I'm not sure.. I'm kind of in the same boat as your spirit.."
"Ugh!! Don't mention him!!" You yelled.
"Don't get mad at me" Lance laughed and you fell over on top of him.

You looked into his eyes and he just stared back unphased.
You became a flustered mess as your face heated. Lance gripped your shoulders and sat you back up.

"S-Sorry.." you almost hiccuped and he shook his head with a laugh.
"You silly girl.. you're not cautious at all are you? I guess not. You wouldn't be in this situation to begin with.."
"Hm? What do you mean?" you smiled and he patted your head.
"Nothing.. how's your arm?"
"You know you're like a dad!!"

You stood up with a bit of confidence as you wobbled. Your strap slid down and you pulled it back up.

"A dad?" he asked amused still sitting on the couch.

One of his legs were crossed over the other as his arm laid on the rest.
His eyes never left you as you made a fool of yourself.

Did he find it humorous? Amusing?

"Yes.. like a hot dad you know?" You admitted honestly and he laughed.
"A hot dad?"
"That's what I said!!" You yelled and then reached for his glass.

He held it out of your reach.

"First.. you have to elaborate"

He's so..

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