Chapter 5 • Red lingerie

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

I was half asleep on Bella's tits until the room door slammed open making me snap my head towards the door.

My eyes saw Alejandro looking at us with raised eyebrows, "Why are you here?" He asks as he glared at Bella, I looked up at her to see her glaring back at him, good.

"The better question is why are you here hm? What do you want?" I grit glaring at him because he ruined my sleep, "I was looking for you. Go get dressed, there are clothes in your closet" Alejandro states making me raise an eyebrow at him confused.

"And why would I listen to you?" I asked, "Not me, Sebastian will take you out, so go change" Alejandro replied and I let out a sigh of annoyance.

So much for asking to sleep on Bella's tits.

"I won't go" I stated as I shoved my head back into Bella's tits, "What is happ-Why are you here Rosa? You have a room for a reason" The voice of Seb boomed through the room and I immediately sat up properly on the bed beside Bella.

"Yes but I felt lonely" I replied so innocently looking at him, "Right...get dressed we will go out" Sebastian scoffs and I groan rolling my eyes, knowing that I won't get out of this.

I got up from the bed and as I walked past Alejandro, I stopped narrowing my eyes at him and step on his feet, "Oh my God I'm sorry I didn't mean it" I faked gasping when he groans.

He glares back at me but I acted innocently and walked away heading towards Seb.

As I walked past Seb I tried bumping my shoulder against his but due to my fucked up height my shoulder bumped into his arm, right above his elbow.


"Oh I'm so sorry I don't know what's wrong with me" I held his arm acting as if I hurt him or something as I looked at him through my lashes and Seb rolled his eyes at me muttering 'Innocent my ass'.

I rolled my eyes before walking towards my room as Seb followed me, I stepped inside the room and closed the door as Seb stood outside waiting for me.

I walked towards the closet and saw a couple of dresses and shorts with t-shirts, I was looking for a hoodie and jeans or even sweatpants, just so that my scars won't show. I'm not ready to show them yet.

And I don't have any makeup here to cover it.

I dug deeper into the closet and finally found an oversized black hoodie with black sweatpants, black is my go one color anyways.

I changed into them and pulled the hoodie over my head before wearing a pair of Yeezy, I walked towards the door and opened it to find Seb leaning against the wall scrolling through his phone.

"Let's go" Seb's eyes flickered from his phone to me, he didn't give any emotion or sign as he started walking towards the car as I followed him.

He opens the main gates and my eyes widened at his black G-Class car, that's my favorite car.

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