Chp 23.

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(Badly written 🥲🥲)


"Bye bye.."

She said,right after she started aiming towards Lumine

Lumine closed her eyes before she did that
But.. She heard blood dripping.

She thought if she was stabbed so she opened her eyes to see,but only saw a hand holding tightly on the knife. Seeing bloods coming out of there hand.

She looked to see who it was and when she saw she gave a loud shocking gasp.

"Venti..?!"she yelled.

What the-!? Let go of the damn knife you bi-"her words got cut off from a hard kick right in the stomach.

Xiao and Aether came in and kicked the other 3 people's back and helped Lumine up her foot.

"Augh! You fucking rascal!"The girl gripped onto her knife and started running towards him with the knife up on the air.

"Venti! Watch out!!"

Venti quickly dodged the knife and kicked her back. She managed to Catch her self up and looked back again and attacked and yelled.

venti grabbed her fist,couldn't handle her strength.

Before venti kicked her stomach the girl swing her knife up and down,causing Venti to have a huge scratch on his eye.

"Venti..!"Lumine yelled.

Venti finally managed to push her down but the girl still had her knife waving. Every-time venti tried to dodge with his own fist,he gets cuts everywhere.

Venti couldn't handle much longer. He knowingly knew he might pass out due to lose of blood since he can see how much there dripping

"I! Wont! Stop till! I see you! On the floor! Dead!!"Before she held the knife up high someone yelled.


Everyone looked and gasped.

It was Ms.Jean.

"You young lady! We DONT tolerate Students to hit someone and also bring unnecessary weapons in this school!"she walked and approached to the girl,taking the knife away.

"I saw the whole incident. I will be telling your parents about this. You hurting someone is not acceptable in this school,especially with a knife like this. You three also! The friends of the girl (b),Don't think your gonna get away with this two! And especially you guys too. When we get inside I'll help you with your face Venti and lumine.Meet me in the office. Now!"she yelled at all of them. The girl grunt her teeth and started walking.

"This is all your fault."she whispered and headed out. "Go to the office!"Ms.Jean yelled. "Ugh whatever!"

Venti watched her and her friends walk to inside and school then looked forward at his own 3 friends.

"Venti!"Lumine ran to him. "Are you okay??!"she asked.

"Does he looked okay?! That girl is a physcopath!"Aether exclaimed.

Venti didn't say a word but when he stared at the three of them,his vision blurred. He couldn't stand up straight and see clearly.

Finally he had passed out. Not knowing what happened..





I opened my eyes after passing out outside of school to find myself in the nurses room.

"Oh great it happened again huh?" I'm back at it. The once and only hospital bed.

I looked at my arms,hands to see them all patched with bandages.

Now that I realized,my left eye being covered with an eyepatch.

'What!? Did I just get a scar on my face!?' Ughh.. I bet my injuries got every worser now...

I inhaled my breathe and sigh right shortly after I heard a door opening.

"Who's there-"

"OMGG!!! Your alive!"it was Lumine. She wasn't injured anywhere but just a scratch on her cheek.

"Hehe..hey guys I'm-MM!"Lumine jumped and hug on me,I tried to push her off but she was unbelievable heavy.

"Oww! Lumine!!!"i muffled on her shoulders.

"Get off of him"Aether grabbed her stomach and yanked her away from me. "I owe you Venti! I owe you!!"She sob and cried.

"Why do you need to owe me??"I asked,very confused of what I did for her to owe me something.

"If you weren't there I would've been stabbed! Thanks to you and your poor handdd!"

"Oh quiet down already!"Aether covered her mouth while she was sobbing through his hand. I could tell he was disgusted by the face he made and I laughed at them.

When I was busy looking at them I felt someone grabbing my front side hair which I immediately flinched and turned my head to the side where they were touching at and it was Xiao.

"Hah!? What are you doing?!"I flustered my both cheeks and held on my unbraided front hair. Xiao looked at me and laughed.

"Fixing your hair. What else?"He tilt his head.

"Oh- well I can braid it myself and-OW!"

"Great don't care."he pulled my hair and started untying it to fix the messy braided hair. "Jeez! Be careful !"

"No"He answered. "By the way is your hand okay?"He asked while looking at my hair as he braid.

"Yeah,It should be better soon or later someday."I replied with a small peck of a smile.

"I heard the girl got expelled now."He added. Hearing that made me wanna start break dancing but no ofc that's OBV stupid to think that way.

"Agh! Finally! Shes already getting on my nerve!"Lumine said,setting her self down to the bed.

"Excuse me I will like for you all to leave this room please."A nurse knocked on the door and told the three to leave. "Yeah sure thing. Come on let's go"Aether left the room and so did Lumine.

"You coming Xiao?"

"Yeah after this..and....done. Anyways got to go see ya."he gave a small wave and left the room.

"Oh,thanks for braiding,see you guys!"I yelled out when they closed the door,hearing the footsteps fading away.




This ff makes me wanna delete and make a new one man 💀 anyways I'm back, 💔💔❤️❤️😍🤝(sorry if this wasn't written well)

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