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"First.. you have to elaborate.."

"What whyyyy?" you trailed with a whine.

Lance rolled his eyes with a smile.

"You're a handful.." he handed you the glass as you drank it down.
"Ow.." you mumbled which caught his attention.
"What's wrong?"
"My arm.."
"Your arm?" he sat up and pulled your hand closer.
"N-No my wrist.." you began to tear up and he noticed it was turning purple, just like last time.
"Woah! Seriously? I thought that was a myth.. don't worry.. I have something for this.."

Damon stood up and grabbed something out a drawer.

It was.. an anklet?


He got on the floor with you and took your leg.

"Hey!!" you yelled and he rolled his eyes with a laugh.
"Calm down.. I really like your dress by the way. It's pretty on you"
"Thank you.." you smiled and overly blushed due to the drink.

He tied it around your right ankle and the pain in your wrist seized.

"Woah!!" you exclaimed making him laugh.
"Are you always so easily impressed?" he asked with a chuckled and you leaned forward making him stop.

You didn't notice it at the moment.. but he definitely did as you leaned forward on your knees.

"That's so impressive!! You've stopped my pain twice now just like you saved me!!" You grinned and he looked down at you.
"It's no big deal.." he mumbled quieter than before.
"Seriously?! How can I repay you!!" You hiccuped excited.
"Repay me? You really are something.." he stood up after snapping back into reality.

You watched as he walked out the room, leaving you still on the floor.

"Lance.. Damon!!! Whatever! come back!! I'm bored.." you whined and heard his footsteps come back.
"I had to use the bathroom" he said sitting back down.

You laid your head on his thigh as he kept his elbow on the rest of the couch. His face was in his hand as he facepalmed.

"Lance.." you mumbled.
"Who.. who do you think killed Lila?" you asked calmly and he was surprised.
"She was murdered?"
"I saw the knife wounds.."
"You found her?"

You nodded becoming tired.
You felt your eyes begin to shut drowsily but your chin was pulled up.

"Stop.." you mumbled as Damon held your chin.
"Don't go to sleep, I'm having fun"
"Okay.." you sighed with a hiccup but then he smirked.

"Maybe the spirit killed her~"

Your heart jumped and you sat up.

"No.. he said he didn't"
"Oh? Maybe the shaman.. wouldn't it be a twist if he killed her?" Lance laughed trying to be funny.


"I didn't kill her.. besides I would've ate her if I did. What if you killed her?" he looked at you and regretted his words. "Hey don't cry.." he rubbed your uninjured arm as you began to cry. "You're so sensitive.. it's because you're drunk, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that"

He pulled you in his lap guilty as he cuddled you in his chest.

"She's dead.. Caide might die too" you poured out as he rubbed your head.
"Don't cry.. hey? Want to do something fun?"

You looked up curiously as he wiped your eyes.

"Whatever you want okay?"
"Will you tell me your story?!" You jumped excited but forgot you were on his lap.

He shuttered a bit and gritted his teeth trying to keep composure.

"Oops.. s-sorry are you mad?" You began pouting again and he shook his head with a small smile.
"No.. just continue what you were saying"
"Your story!! Tell me!! How old were you when you died?? Like 19? Wait how did you die? And why aren't you a spirit but a demon in human from? Like shouldn't you be ugly and creepy?! And why haven't you moved on?? Oh wait!! 1000 years?! That's so long.." You bombarded him with questions and he laughed you off nervously.

"Here.." he gave you another drink as he chugged one down. "Do you want to play a game? Like tag or hide and seek?"
"No.. I'm tired" you smiled nuzzling into his chest.

Lance hesitantly put his arms in motion to wrap around you but stopped.

"I miss him.."
"Huh?" he let out.
"I miss him so much.." you bit your lip tearing up again, "All we did was argue.. but I miss him.."
"You're talking about the shaman aren't you?" he questioned and you nodded.
"Don't worry.. I'll help you I promise"

You looked up into his eyes.
Lance stared back down a bit nervous.

"Why do you want to help me?"
"You remind me of someone.."
"Your girlfriend??" You teased and he smiled.
"Sure.. something like that"
"I'm prettier though right?!" You spat with a blushing grin and he laughed.

He pushed your head down on his chest as he stroked your hair.

"Yes Y/n.. you're prettier."
"You're just like him.."
"Who the shaman?" he asked and you shook your head.
"My dad.."
"Woah.. uh, okay.. elaborate" he said shocked and you pushed him.
"It's not like that weirdo!!"

You frowned.

"My parents are never home but that's okay.. I love my mom but my dad.. I hate him.."
"You hate me?"
"No!" you laughed as he joked.
"It's hard to explain.. you just comfort me in ways my own father doesn't. If that makes sense.." you yawned and he understood.
"Are you calling me old?"
"You're damn right you're old. 1000 years?!" you giggled and he rolled his eyes.

Lance stroked your head.
"How old are you?" he asked curious and you laughed.
"Old enough to regret.."
"Same.." he mumbled as you drifted to sleep.

"Daddy issues huh?" Lance smiled and tucked your hair back. "That shaman better take care of you.. before that spirit takes you away. If push comes to shove, I'll care for you" he spoke to himself as you slept.

He sighed.

"Geez.. why do you have to smell and taste so good? This is just torture.. I don't even need sleep"

Damon looked down at you with a confused smile.

"I was gonna eat you but then you had to go act cute.. whatever sleep all you please"



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