Train Arc Chapter III: Waking Up In Worst Time

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Previously on the Demon Slayer story...

Girl: Wh-what are you!?

Dragon: Calm voice. I am part of Y/N soul, that is all you should know young one. So who are you and why have you come here?

Girl: I...I...I come to find his spiritual core!

Dragon: ... Calm voice. For what purpose?

Girl: Tears. So I can finally have a good dream! Sobs. Its what the talking hand told us to do to have dreams!

Everything was quiet.

Dragon: .....Very well....

The scene faded to dark. We now see Y/N still in his dream. Running around the village finishing his 20 laps and takes a break from sweating.

Y/N: Phew. 'That wasn't so bad. Though something doesn't feel right, feels like I've already done this.'

He goes to a near river outside of the village to clean his face. As he sees his reflection he heard a voice that sounded exactly like him.

???: Wake up!

He looks around and sees no one until he sees the river again and notice it was his reflection trying to warn him.

Reflection Y/N: As much as I hate to say it, you need to wake up! You and your friends are in danger! Wake up!

He immediately gets up and realized that he's stuck in a dream. Meanwhile, we see Tanjiro wakes up by Nezuko.

Tanjiro: Sweating. I'm all right. I'm alive... Nezuko! Are you alright!?

Nezuko nods as she held her forehead. Tanjiro then say the others still sleeping and notice theres kids each tied their ropes connect to them. Tanjiro caught familiar demon sent from the ropes and realized that its the same sent from the tickets.

Tanjiro: 'We must've been put to sleep when our tickets were punched. This must be a demons work!'

Tanjiro was gonna try to cut the rope with his swords but his instinct tells him not to. So he then ask nezuko to do the same as she did to him by burning the rope with her blood demon art. After that he tries to wake them up until a girl tries to attack but he dodges holding Nezuko.

Tanjiro: 'Is a demon controlling her?'

Girl: Shouting. Get out of our way! Thanks to you guys we won't be able to have dreams!

One by one they got up from their seats except for the last two.

Girl: Shouting. What do you two think your doing!? If you two are awake then help us out! I don't care if you have tuberculosis or a bad life if you don't do your job! I'll tell him and then he won't show you two anymore dreams!

Suddenly the girl who was in Y/N dream gets up and shield Tanjiro and Nezuko which cause everyone confused while the last boy stand up in tears.

Girl: What do you think you're doing!?

2ndGirl: We should stop! This isn't gonna take us anywhere!

Girl: What are you saying!?

2ndGirl: Because back in his dream someone told me...

Flash back to Y/N dream.

Dragon: ...Very well...

2ndGirl: You're just gonna give it to me?

Dragon: On one condition.

2ndGirl: Confuse. Huh?

Dragon: Listen to what I must say.

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