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Yumi stood in the middle of the dance floor dancing by herself. The loud music was pounding in her ears and the people around her were almost all drunk. She was actually one of the only ones who was still fairly sober.

Her legs were slowly getting tired from dancing and she also wondered why Yerin didn't come up to her and tell her they could start the plan.

It was strange.

Yumi sighed deeply and stumbled backwards. She turned herself around and ran towards the bar. Maybe Yerin was lying there because she had slept poorly last night too and had fallen asleep on the bar. Who knows?

Once she arrived at the bar, there were all sorts of other people sitting on the spot where she and Yerin first sat. Everyone was drinking, eating, laughing and chatting, but there was no sign of Yerin anywhere.

Yumi frowned her eyebrows as she looked around her. "Yerin?"

"What about Yerin?"

A voice behind Yumi's back startled her. Yumi flinched and turned her around, only to see those two boys she and Yerin live with in that house.

"Yerin... she-"

"Where is she?" The boy who always hangs out with Yerin a lot asked.

Yumi held up her shoulders, only to get a slap on the face from that boy.

"Now tell me where she is or you're dead!"

Yumi thought deeply. She really didn't want to die yet! She wanted to go back to her family. But if she couldn't tell where Yerin was because she didn't know, how could she live up to that?

She looked to the side, toward the toilets, but oddly saw that the vent from which she and Yerin had to escape was open.

Was Yerin escaping without her now?

Yumi bit her lower lip in anger.

"Where is she!" The boy shouted as he grabbed Yumi's chin roughly.

Yumi smirked meanly and chuckled. She turned her head towards the boy who had grabbed her. "I know where she is and if you find her...

... make sure she suffers a lot of pain."


"I hate this freaking dress!" Yerin scolded the dress she was wearing because she kept tripping over it with her feet all the time as she climbed through the narrow grate.

Yumi was right, this place is really small! So if you are claustrophobic this plan is not really a great idea.

Yerin sighed and sat down. She took off her heels, which left her barefoot. She picked up the screwdriver she had used earlier to open the vent and cut the bottom of her dress with it, hoping it would help keep her from tripping again.

She rolled her eyes. "I hate this," she muttered.

Just as she was about to crawl further, she suddenly heard a strange noise, as if someone else was also climbing into the vent she was in.

Yerin froze in place and kept her mouth shut to listen carefully.

"Oh, Yerin~"

Yerin gasped to hear her name suddenly. She recognized his voice out of thousands.

It was that boy...

She slammed her hand over her mouth and looked behind her. The sound was getting louder and louder.

This can't be true, can it? How exactly is he supposed to know that she is here escaping.

It can't be that Yumi...? No! That's nonsense! Yumi doesn't give anything away. But I also left her... NO!

"Shit!" Yerin muttered under her breath in realization. "She really is a backstabber!"


Yerin flinched from a sound that sounded very close. She quickly looked to the side and saw him appear around the corner. He was smiling scarily.

Quickly, Yerin grabbed one of her heels that she had just taken off and crawled backwards further. "Go away! Let me go!" Yerin yelled at him, but he only kept crawling further towards her.

"Oh, Yerin... Thought for a moment you had your chance to escape," The boy chuckled. "Fortunately, we have Yumi who is WAY more loyal to us."

"Go. Away."

"How about... no," The boy grinned as he moved closer and closer to Yerin.

Yerin crawled backwards in fear as her breath began to hitch. Suddenly, her back collided with the end of the vent. Behind her was the end, the way out of this hell, but Yumi who is also known as the backstabber, ruined everything.

She swallowed. She couldn't move and was stuck.

"Help me, Sunghoon," She whispered to herself.

Suddenly Yerin felt a hand slide over her bare foot. "Ah!" Yerin screamed as she looked up.

He was there...

The boy pulled her closer to him by her foot. Yerin screamed. The boy crawled over the girl until his face hung over hers. He gave her a hard slap on the cheek.

Yerin gasped for breath.

Another slap.

And another.

So many times her face was slapped until her nose and lips began to bleed. She groaned in pain and closed her eyes.

She knew this was going to happen.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you can't escape?" The boy whispered as he leaned closer and closer towards Yerin and gave her a peck on her cheek.

"FUCK YOU!" Yerin suddenly screamed as she opened her eyes. She stabbed the heel of shoe she had grabbed earlier into the boy's heart.

The boy gasped and then let his mouth fall open. He was shocked by her action.

Bloody saliva ran from his mouth and fell on Yerin's cheeks. Blood from his heart fell onto her dress.

"You really are a bitch, Yerin," the boy choked as he closed his eyes and fell down on top of Yerin.

Yerin enlarged her eyes and put her hand on his neck to see if he still had a pulse. No...

Had she just killed someone? Yes, and she was proud of that.

Quickly Yerin kicked the boy off of her and crept closer to the end of the vent. She grabbed the screwdriver that was still in front of the grate and removed the screws from it. The vent fell down and a gust of fresh air entered Yerin's nostrils.

After all these years, she finally had fresh air and freedom.

One last time, she looked back and saw the boy lying in there, as good as dead. She sighed before jumping out of the vent and walking freely outside.

Free at last...

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