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"What are you guys doing here?"

His voice seemed familiar to him... Only he hadn't heard that voice in a few good years since he was always with his grandmother.

Sunghoon froze in place and quickly put the wool away that he was holding in his soft hands. He swallowed. "Dad," He said blankly as he remained still in his spot. He didn't even think about turning around.

Jake and Jungwon stared at each other for a short time before turning themselves around. They bent at a 90-degree angle. "Hello. Nice to meet you!" Jake said politely. "We are Jungwon and Jake."

Mr. Park chuckled before taking a step forward. "I'm Mr. Park, nice to meet you too, Jake and Jungwon. Your names are beautiful."

"Thank y-"

Sunghoon clenched his fist and turned around. "What are you doing here? Get out!" He yelled and interrupted Jake at the same time.

"Nice to see you too, son," Mr. Park smiled sarcastically as he walked towards his son. When he reached him, he put an arm around his shoulder.

Quickly, Sunghoon smacked his father's arm away. He looked at him with anger that was currently burning inside of him.

It was 3 years later and he still hadn't looked him up. Who knew where his father would be? All Sunghoon knew is that in all these hard years of his life, he wasn't there for him. When he didn't need him, he wasn't there and vice versa.

Also, Sunghoon hated his father, a lot. Sunghoon no longer had a mother, because she had disappeared without a trace. A little later the news came out that his father had killed her mother. Mr. Park was arrested, but was acquitted later.

Now he walks free again, a wealthy criminal whose actions and intentions are unknown to anyone. Not even his own son.

"Why are you so angry, my sweetheart?"

"How dare you call me a sweetheart?" Sunghoon yelled right in his face. "I asked what are you doing here?!"

Jungwon widened his eyes and pursed his lips together. Jake quickly took a step back.

Mr. Park looked at Sunghoon in his eyes, which by now showed nothing but genuine anger. "I'm sorry, Sunghoon," he spoke, again ignoring his son's question. "I'm sorry I never showed up during the time when you were having the hardest time. Your grandmother had called me that she had died, so I thought I'd check on-"

"She's not dead," Sunghoon interrupted his father ruefully.

His father widened his eyes. "What do you mean, she's not dead?" His mouth fell open and he scolded as quietly as possible a few times under his breath.

His son knew. She's not dead, she's alive! How...

Mr. Park ran over to the coffin and looked inside. He saw Jiwoo lying there with a large vertical cut in her abdomen.

Sunghoon and his friends had figured out.... Jiwoo her body was fake and his whole plan was fucked up.

Suddenly Mr. Park's phone rang. He sighed deeply before turning around and leaning himself against the wall with his back. He grabbed the phone from his pocket and answered it.


Heavy panting sounded on the other end of the phone. "Yerin..."

"What about that? What happened? Don't tell me this is just another unnecessary emergency that she burned something again," Mr. Park said irritably.

"It's much worse. Yerin, she escaped from this fucking party and killed Jung! I told you not to leave this place to go see your son! Come here urgently NOW! Only then might we have a chance of catching her...."


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