chapter 2

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'maybe things will go back to normal'

so that never happened. in fact it got worse. my "parents" started locking the door once they got home so i have to climb up the side of the house to get to my room with a broken leg or arm. yup my so called "friends" and "sister" started doing a lot more damage when they beat me.

also the teachers at school do nothing about it. they just look away and pretend it never happened. so about a month ago i started online schooling, but izumi and co still find ways to beat me senseless. whether it's me going on a walk or getting food for myself.


i was going out on a peaceful walk but the peace didn't last long because i was ambushed by izumi and her gang. "hey DEKU, where have you been" katsuki asks. i freeze "none of your concern" i say and keep walking, but then someone puts their hand on my shoulder "we're not done here". it was katsumi. izumi used her quirk on me and shoved me to the ground. they started beating on me and using their quirks to burn freeze and throw rocks at me.

once they were done both of my arms were broken, one of my legs were broken, and so were what felt like five of my ribs, and my clothes were destroyed. i was struggling to get up. but i couldn't, i collapsed from the pain. i did my best and dragged myself over to a tree and propped myself up against it. i sat there to rest for a while. i used the tree as support to stand up, eventually getting up.

i walked home hoping someone would help me. but no one did, no one would want to help a quirkless like me. my every moment was in pain, and every step even more and more painful. eventually i collapsed in an alleyway from the pain. 'is this where i die' i thought. 'no, NO. i won't die, not yet i still have to be a hero'. i was screaming at my body to get up and move. but it didn't.

'MOVE'. i one of my arms and did my best to get myself up off of the ground. it took all of my will to get off of the ground and moving again. 'if i live through this, i'm going to kill them' i thought. i made it to the house only to see no one was home, and the door was unlocked. "that's not normal" i say to myself. 

i open the door and walk inside. no one was home. "where could they have gone" i ask myself. i go up to the bathroom and patch myself up. when i come downstairs i see a note on the table and i read it.

dear izuku

me, your father, and izumi are going to america for a while for hero con. we know you don't want to be a hero that much so we didn't get you a ticket. there is enough money for food and other things in your account. and don't worry about school, consider this a break from it for a while. so relax and have fun but be careful with izumi not being there to protect you

see you in two weeks

love mom.

what. the. FUCK. they left me because i don't want to be a hero that much. i want to be a hero more than anything and that's their excuse. i could feel rage burning inside of me. rage that wanted to be let out.

i took the note, ripped it up and threw it away. i slammed my foot on the ground continuously. until i heard a click. i looked over and see that a tile had been moved my a mechanism in the floor. i move the tile over and pull out what seems to be two suitcases. i open them i see something i could never think of. the number one hero all mights hero costume and the number 7 hero green tornados hero costume.

'why do they have these' i thought.

i look over to a picture of the family minus me and then i pull out my phone and look up a picture of all might and green tornado. they almost look exactly the same except for dad but if you move his hair around it looks just like all mights. i put the suitcases back and move the tile back in place. i go up to my room and tear up and destroy all of the all might merch in my room.

when i was done i started to calm down and i look at my hands they were covered in paper cuts. but my wrists looked a little bigger on one side. i brushed it off thinking they were just swollen from the beating earlier. then i went to bed.


when i woke up my wrists, mouth and entire back was in pain. it was painful getting up but one thing wasn't right. i took the casts off of my arms and saw that they weren't broken. but there was a bone like blade sticking out of my wrist and was lined up next to my arm. i started freaking out and checked the other arm. same thing.

i grab my phone and turn it on but the flash was to bright so i turned it back off, that's when i realised the lights weren't even on 'did i just get a quirk' i thought. i turn back on my phone and let my eyes adjust to the brightness. i started looking up things about 15 year olds getting quirks but there were no results. i started freaking out more then i heard.



i look behind me and see that multiple bone like blades similar to the ones on my arms were sticking through the back of my shirt. and . . . . a tail was stuck in my wall, it was greyish purple in color and had overlapping scales on it and at the end were spikes that had a trident shape to it that were also a bone color (go look up magnamalo and you'll know what i mean). and it was a tail coming from me. i freak out and stand up quickly with the tail coming out of the wall taking a piece of it with it. i rush to the bathroom and turn on the lights instantly regretting it.

i closed my eyes and let them adjust, yet again. the i opened them and looked in the mirror and see i changed a lot. my hair was no longer green and fluffy, it was flat on my head and it was purple with a slight shade of green at the ends. my eyes and pupils were black and the iris (color part) was a light blue. i no longer had the diamond shaped freckles on my face and some of my teeth were longer and sharper. i started to freak out more but not from what was going on but from excitement. 

two large fangs then unfolded from the inside of my mouth. when they unfolded i could still close my mouth just they would be on the outside of my mouth. they also had that bone color to them. i started getting more excited wondering what else i could do. i noticed wisps of purple flames start to form around me. 'i just got a quirk, and i'll be a hero and i'll show them' i thought.

i started to calm down and noticed that the trident part of my tail changed into a spear like shape, and the spikes on my back went down and the fangs went back into my mouth. then i realised something 'if they were to find out about my quirk would things go back to normal' i thought. we could be a family again but would i want that. they would finally notice me but that wouldn't change the fact that they neglected and abused me.

so that night

i decided

that i would run away.



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